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What if Biden loses?

Posted on November 13, 2020

Well, it is official, Joe Biden is the President-elect, so says the Media. It is also a reality that President Trump has a really steep hill to climb in order to overturn the projections. Anything can happen, and to say that Trump is completely out? That would be a little premature. But if you watch the mainstream news, Trump has lost, Biden is President-elect and will be anointed savior of the Nation, probably the World. The idea that this election might even be slightly contested? Laughable. That maybe recounts might change the outcome? Oh come on! And if you raise the specter that the tabulator machines might be compromised? You are just dreaming! THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG HERE…move along, nothing to see here. Honestly?…

The bleeding heart of the Absentee Ballot issue.

Posted on May 26, 2020

    We should clear the air about Absentee Ballots. They are a safe, reliable, and a great way to vote without the hassle of waiting in long lines for hours on end. There really is little wiggle room for absentee ballots to go wrong. It happens of course, life isn’t perfect, and many voices  have been compounding those glitches by fearmongering. Yet absentee ballots are a safe alternative for those who will be unable to go to the polling stations. It’s rather easy actually, you request an absentee ballot from your local Election Committee (Board), they will send you a ballot (or you can pick it up) you cast your vote, and mail it back (or delivery it in person). Easy peasy. Yes,…