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It is still the Economy stupid.

Posted on April 3, 2020

  My wife was particularly cruel to me last weekend. She pulled out about a half dozen old puzzles and wanted the family put them together. This little entertainment was originally for the kids, but soon I was roped into putting them together by myself. The puzzles were old, and some of them were missing pieces. But they are fun, and a nice distraction during this time of social distancing. But the missing pieces got me thinking. When does a puzzle become useless? Putting them away, my wife marked on the boxes the missing pieces. -2, -4, and so on. The largest was a 100 pieces, and that one, was ironically, complete. But when does a puzzle become useless? I’ve known people to toss…

What the Coronavirus has taught me about the Zombie Apocalypse.

Posted on March 16, 2020

We’re basically screwed folks. I don’t think the Coronavirus will end humanity. Most likely it won’t even put a dent in humanity overall. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take it seriously, we should. But with 7 billion and counting, the End of the World is not nigh. Yet if you are worried about a virus taking out humanity, might want to look a little closer to home, a mirror would do fine. You have to wonder what is it about this virus that is causing the run on toilet paper. Theories abound, articles have been written, politicians have opined, comedians are having fun, but it’s more telling than they know. Yesterday I needed to run to the store. During this pandemic, we have been…