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Pandemic Conspiracies. My top four favorites.

Posted on April 1, 2020

  If the internet has taught us anything, it is everyone has a Theory. Some of those theories quickly slip into the realm of Conspiracies. Here are some of my favorites.   1.) There really isn’t a Pandemic, this is just a bad flu, and it has been around since last Fall.  KNOWN: Covid-19 is a pandemic. It is world wide, and has nearly topped 1 million cases. With some 45,000 deaths. The Flu, which is seasonal, and came in the Fall (October 1st 2019 as the start point) Has infected some 38-54 million worldwide. Causing some 24-62 thousand deaths worldwide according to the CDC website. [] This year the B strain, made an early appearence, and this strain has gone after children. Many…

I know the culprit of the lack of Personal Protect Equipment. Sam Walton.

Posted on April 1, 2020

Have you heard of Sam Walton? No, not John-boy Walton’s father, but the patriarch of the Wal-Mart Walton’s. An amazing man who took a small little retail store and turned it into a multi-million…now multi-billion dollar company. Most people hate Wal-Mart, or absolutely love it! Few are in-between. Yet you can’t deny Sam Walton wasn’t a genius.   The genius of Sam Walton was that he realized he had a problem. His backroom in his store? It was packed with inventor. Some of it was moving just fine, other inventor, not so well. Then there was inventor that try as he might, he couldn’t get reliable vendors, and was constantly out of stock. This was the way of retail stores when Sam ran his.…

Which Curve is being Flattened?

Posted on March 29, 2020

Today marks one week the State of Illinois has been Sheltering-in-place. Basically, a quarantine order. People are not allowed to gather in groups of  more than 10, businesses designated non-essential are shuttered, people told to stay home unless they need to run out for essentials. Social distancing is the new norm . We have another week to go, and as of today, the curve is still growing in Illinois,and doesn’t seem to be letting up. Yet another curve has flattened, and even has turned downward. That is the economic sector in Illinois. With businesses shut down, from small mom and pop shops to corporations, millions are furloughed and patiently wait for all this to pass over and they can get back to work. As…