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I know the culprit of the lack of Personal Protect Equipment. Sam Walton.

Posted on April 1, 2020

Have you heard of Sam Walton? No, not John-boy Walton’s father, but the patriarch of the Wal-Mart Walton’s. An amazing man who took a small little retail store and turned it into a multi-million…now multi-billion dollar company. Most people hate Wal-Mart, or absolutely love it! Few are in-between. Yet you can’t deny Sam Walton wasn’t a genius.   The genius of Sam Walton was that he realized he had a problem. His backroom in his store? It was packed with inventor. Some of it was moving just fine, other inventor, not so well. Then there was inventor that try as he might, he couldn’t get reliable vendors, and was constantly out of stock. This was the way of retail stores when Sam ran his.…

Corporate GREED is ruining America.

Posted on March 30, 2019

Or Stupidity, depending on your perspective.     Capitalist are a greedy bunch. All they care about is making a buck, sticking to the little guy, and buying $40 Million yachts so they can sail around the world tossing plastic bags into the Ocean to kill poor Sea Turtles. (because Rich People are also mean.) Lets face it, nobody likes Rich people. Well, unless you are a rich person, then you point at other rich people and tell everyone they are the greedy ones. But you? You are the nice sort of rich person. That other guy is mean. He hates Sea Turtles. About 99.9% of all rich people have dealing with Big Pharm, Big Oil, and Tobacco companies. You know, 401K plans. They…