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Why the New Abortion Laws don’t bother the Sea Turtles.

Posted on May 16, 2019

gray and green turtle swimming on water

Not the least bit concerned about the New Laws. /Photo by Pixabay on


Normally, I tend to avoid discussions on abortion. Just bad form old boy, very bad form. The reason is rather simple, and I am sure you are used to them too.

Visceral Reactions, no matter what your take is on the subject. Nobody agrees, everyone has their own point of view. The Middle Ground? Is for whoosies.

But the subject has come to the forefront lately. With two States, Georgia and Alabama, enacting new laws that for all intents and purposes, outlaw abortion. Neither of these laws will survive for long, and both will die in the courts, to be ignored by the Supreme Court.

All of this is, of course, political posturing. Reactions from Republican lawmakers in response to Democratic lawmakers in response to Conservative picks for the Supreme Court in response to the election of Donald J. Trump who we must hate, because we lost. Did you get all that? Yeah, that is politics folks.

But Social Media has exploded with opinions, options as the where to go, and general nastiness, to tell you how mean and evil you are if you don’t agree with their opinion. All the while, Sea Turtles are snickering over the matter.

See, in the State of Georgia, who basically fired the first salvo on the Conservative side of the issue, it is illegal to disturb Sea Turtle eggs. You can get in a lot of trouble over that. Sea Turtles, like the Loggerhead one pictured above, are an endangered species. So, Georgia, along with the United States Government, protect them. You know, which they should.

Then of course, someone on twitter had to ask the question. Why are sea turtles protected more than human fetuses? (paraphrasing the tweet here). Yeah, that comment went over well.

Egg comparisons have gone wild, you know, why is okay to eat a chicken egg, but not okay to abort a fetus? Aren’t they the same? Maybe to cannibals, but no, not the same. Nor is the sea turtle, endangered or not.

The Conservative side of the issue is rather straightforward. It is immoral to abort an unborn child. That thing inside a pregnant woman? yeah, that is a human being. Toss in a little Biblical scripture, add some horrible pictures on posters and voila! You are an evil monster for wanting to kill a child!

On the Liberal side it gets a little more complicated. One, that thing inside a pregnant woman? Since it inhabits her body, she has the determining right to decide what to do with it. She shouldn’t be forced to carry, deliver, and raise that thing inside her. Self-determination is the cornerstone of the argument.

Obviously the issue is that Thing, and our inability to define it.

Like it or not, both sides have merit. A human being can only come from a female human being. Despite the endless parent jokes? Kids are not found under a rocks. Storks do not deliver babies, and the burden of the human species? Rests upon the female for 9 months. Then of course there is the whole nurturing aspect, but that is another subject.

Yet, nowhere else on the planet, are you going to find another place humans can come from, than from a woman. This single fact works in the favor of both sides, with Conservatives having a slight edge, because Humans beget Humans, Sea Turtles beget Sea Turtles. These are the facts of life folks.

Yet we currently protect the Sea Turtles more than we protect the Humans. That is a fact of society. We put a moral value on the sea turtle that we don’t necessarily apply to our own species. Even though our species? Will go out of its way to protect other species. Orca’s, Killer Whales, are a fairly intelligent marine mammals. Yet they really don’t care about Loggerhead sea turtles when it comes to their meals. They will eat them.

The Liberal side has a good argument on a woman’s right to self-determination of her body. Yet they back that argument up with somewhat idiotic facts.

Who will take care of the children if you make abortion illegal? Fine, fair point. Yet liberals have been telling conservatives they are immoral, unkind, and generally mean, for not allowing illegal immigrants from entering the United States. Some on the extreme left side of Liberalism are wanted borders to cease altogether.

Yet they don’t like answering the conservatives questions about: Who will take care of all these illegal immigrants you want to come here? Who will pay for their educations, their healthcare, their housing? At those questions, liberals tend to look down at their shoes and move their toe around a bit in a slow circle. Their only answer is to tax The Rich, other than that? They don’t have answers, but still tout that keeping people out, is immoral.

Conservatives argue that abortion is against God’s Will. I haven’t personally asked God this question. Maybe some have. An email would be nice. Yes I am being facetious…

And while yes, in several Great Religious Texts, various Deities talk about the sanctity of life, but choosing one Religious view for everyone is sort of frowned upon in the United States. And that is not taking into account the pregnant woman may be an Atheist. Unfortunately, those who take the Religious High ground feel a moral obligation. Without regards to other moral obligations. No looking at their feet for that lot.

The Liberal side also likes to tout that the Government should not dictate what a woman can, and cannot, do to their own bodies. Then they back silly laws like not being able to buy a Big Gulp in NYC. Or bans on cigarettes, trans fat, sugars, etc. Telling women (and well, the rest of us) what to eat, drink, and not to drive that CO2 producing car. Because if there is one thing the government does not do? Is being skimpy on regulating on how you should live your life. Time to look at your feet on this one.

Conservatives get a little lost on the whole preventing pregnancies. They tout abstinence. Which former TV Witch Alyssa Milano agrees with…talk about irony. Yet while abstinence will prevent pregnancies. It rarely works out the way conservatives think it should. Ignoring sex, and not promoting safe sex, is just dumb. Making birth control easily available and at extremely low cost, or free, just makes sense for both sides of the abortion argument. Less unwanted pregnancies, less abortions.


Overall it comes down to this. Neither side will agree. Neither side will find a common ground. Neither side has the moral authority. While they both claim they do.

Personally? I am Pro-choice. However I feel that while abortion should never be made illegal, nor access denied, we should strive to reduce the number to as to near zero as possible. There will always be a What If? or situations that will require a medical abortion. There are too many variables in a human’s life to say ‘no you can’t’. Nor should we, in a free society, take that option off the table for personal situations we just can’t predict.

We must also keep in mind those who prey upon these situations. Those who push women to choose one way or another.

Defending the right for a woman to have an abortion, just for your organizations betterment? Not good.

Nor should those who oppose abortion go to such extreme levels as bar women from access to local healthcare and the right of self-determination, while shaming them for a difficult choice.

Technology has advanced since Roe vs Wade. More premature babies are being born and surviving. Back then? Babies born at the 24 week mark rarely survived. Now? 66%-80% survive. At 26 weeks that rate goes up to 90%. Our technology is constantly evolving when it comes to prenatal care. It is not absurd to surmise that by the time Roe vs Wade turns 100? Artificial wombs may take the pregnancy from the woman’s body and help premature fetuses survive. All this is moving to become a moot point. And both sides of the argument know this, and are using this debate over abortion to further their political interests.

This little opinion piece of mine will not solve the issue. Nor will the countless others out there. Courts will decide, and in time, probably have to decide again as technology changes. Yet as we strive to figure out the most simplest of questions, when is a person a person? Sea Turtle eggs lay safely in their sandy nest, snickering at us humans, knowing we will protect them at all cost.



[The opinions expressed in this blog are strictly from the vivid imagination of the author. While not a woman, nor does he identify as a woman, and definitely does not identify as a pregnant woman, he is still a human and part of society when society allows him to play. The opinions expressed are the authors alone.]




The Inconvenient Truth about the Inconvenient Truth that is really Inconvenient.

Posted on May 7, 2019


dry soil

A photo of a dry lake bed, which may be coming to a backyard near you. / Photo by Francesco Ungaro on


Did you hear the news? One million species are going to go extinct soon. All this because of some bipedal ape. Of course they will have to hurry, we only have 12 years left according to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the freshman Congresswoman from New York.

Then again, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, a former Congressman from Texas, and is now a Presidential candidate for the Democratic ticket in the 2020 election, says we have 10 years left.


I am anxiously await for 8 years left.


Of course this mass extinction, and the subsequent fall of the bipedal apes is all caused by Climate Change. Formally known as Global Warming. Formally known as Runaway Green House Effect. And it is after us like a zombie that smells fresh brains.

Climate Change, to use the current moniker, is all the rage these days. The cause celebre of Hollywood, University Students, the Ecologically concerned millennial masses, and the Democratic Party. Not really a big thing on the Republican side. They keep missing the memo or something.

The best part of Climate Change discussion are those who doubt it. Or even question parts of the Science behind it. They are labeled Deniers. To even suggest that Climate Change is not a crisis is tantamount to heresy. It goes like this:

Denier: Um, yeah I am sure we contribute, but is going back to the stone age for technology really the best solution?

Climate Alarmist: (points a finger at Denier) Witch! Burn him!

2nd Climate Alarmist: Oh, no, we shouldn’t. Just think of all the carbon we’ll be putting in the air! Let’s bury him at sea.

3rd Climate Alarmist: Um, won’t that contribute to ocean acidification?

Denier: Guys? I was just suggesting that maybe we could cut emissions without destroying civilization in the process.

All Climate Alarmist: Burn him! 


Of course there are real Deniers. Those who steadfast believe that all that is happening, the rise in Carbon Dioxide, the overall warming of the Earth’s atmosphere, the acidification of the Oceans is just a natural occurrence. Or caused by sunspots. Something of the sort.

These Deniers fuel those on the Climate Change Alarmist side. The flip side of Deniers. Those, like AOC and Beto who say the End of The World draws Nigh. While they may be correct, and the World may end in 12, 10 or can I hear 8? years from now. The likelihood that Climate Change will be the culprit? Hardly. A big frigging rock from space has a better chance than Climate Change of ending the world.

While the True Deniers are annoying, and make you frown deeply in conversations with them. They do little harm. Most Deniers are not telling you the sky is falling and you need to sacrifice to the whimsical Gods of Climate Change. Completely change your lifestyle for something that is more out of our control than Climate Change Alarmist are willing to admit. Because if we only have 12, 10 years to the tipping point? There is not a damn thing we can do.

And this is the crux of the matter with Climate Change Alarmist. They scream at the top of their lungs the sky is falling, or yell wolf! so often that they have become background noise. Their only solution to Climate Change is YOU. You need to stop producing all that Carbon. You need to quit eating meat, drive electric cars, use solar, wind, wave, and hydrogen for power, to reverse this crisis before it is too late.


Memo to Climate Change Alarmist: It is already too late.


Climate Change, or Anthropological Greenhouse Gases Emissions (you know, to be accurate) is real, it is here, it is far more complex than rising Carbon Dioxide levels, and is not going anywhere soon. If we stopped every emission of greenhouse gases today? We would still be looking at a changing climate for the next 100 plus years or so. Probably the ‘or so’.

Climate Change Alarmist do nothing to solve the problem by gnashing their teeth, shrieking at the sky, and calling people stupid. They offer nothing in going forward in a warmer world. They repeat, like a mantra, that the sea levels are rising and droughts are coming. And that the only way we can stop this? Is by you giving up everything that makes life easier on you. Because the Stone Age? really wasn’t that bad now was it?

Oh, and they do this from their neat little handheld digital devices, that are made up of rare earth elements, that had to be scoured from the earth with Climate Changing machinery.


This is the real Inconvenient Truth about Climate Change Alarmist: They bring nothing to the table.


The Science is not settled. It is ongoing. Those who study Climate Change and not wholly depending on producing results that gives them more funding to produce the same results, know this.

These are the people who will tell you: Carbon Dioxide levels? Sure, but have you seen the Methane levels? Oh, and what about the decreasing Oxygen levels?  These are the scientist that look into all aspects of Climate Change, who truly wonder what is going on. They are the ones who know that while mankind has kickstarted the current Global Warming, that other factors are now in play. They know that disrupted cycles have a habit of feeding on themselves and what we started? We will not be able to end.

They also know we have to prepare for the future. And that for all of our knowledge? There is so much more to learn. That Climate Change science is a new field, and like all new fields of study, there is much to be learned, to be studied, and not draw half-ass conclusions. They are doing their best to leave politics out of it all, even though that is a tough row to hoe.

Because the Climate Change Alarmist? It is all about the political aspect of Climate Change. They worry less about Climate Change than saying We have 12 years left. They don’t look to a future and say, let’s plan. Let’s use more GMO crops to offset human needs. Let’s work with current technology to make it cleaner. Because if they did? You wouldn’t worry so much. You would feel secure, and vote on other issues. They call it Settled, because if they is more to learn? We just may learn that we really can’t stop the Climate train wreck heading our way, and they would become irrelevant.

And wouldn’t that be an Inconvenient Truth?



[The Opinions expressed in this blog are of the authors warped imagination. Although he is a proponent of the Scientific Method, he is a radical denier of the Flat Earth hypothesis. Plus, cats would push everything off the edge and you know it. While sources were not listed, Google (or Bing in my case) is your friend and you can find oodles of articles on Climate Change. Check out Methane levels and decreasing Oxygen levels, very interesting stuff. WARNING! Do not tell your local authorities that you are refusing to mow your grass because of Climate Change. “Nice Try” will be the answer and you WILL get a fine.]






Keeping up with the Opinion Rat Race.

Posted on May 6, 2019


gray mice in the middle of walls

When you feel life is pressing in on you. / Photo by David Bartus on


I came to a realization the other day. I can’t keep up. I try, mostly in that gray matter between my ears. I see an article, or hear a story on the radio, occasionally catch a news program and say to myself “Well, that would be fun to blog about!”

But of course I have a life, I have kids, a home, some blonde Irish chick that tells me what to do about my life, kids, and home. And when I find that moment to sit in front of my laptop? The moment is gone. That thing I wanted to opine about? Not important anymore.


It’s a fast pace world out there my friends.


In our multi-media world, the news comes at us in every increasing cycles. Worse than the Alien invaders cycling down the final countdown in Independence Day. And the results are nearly the same. Well…figuratively.

And I wondered? How do the professionals keep up? Personally I know that I am tar putty spatula of the tool shed, and most of these opinion pieces are written by the scythes hanging on the tool shed’s walls, but still? How can they keep on top of it all? And as the sponges to their endless messes of opinions and news how do we absorb it all?

Well, we don’t. And honestly? They don’t either. Most opinions, and news media stories, which are basically, opinions with a smidgen of facts, try to keep in their lane. They keep a narrow focus on what bothers the hell out of them, and rant about it endlessly. Two cable news networks come to mind.

If you watch CNN then you know that President Trump is an idiot, and that Fox News is bad. If you watch Fox News then President Trump does moronic, but Just, things, and CNN is really bad, in fact, they are fake. A term they borrowed from idiotic, sometimes moronic, but wholly Just President. This is of course, those two cable news networks version of lane changing. Keeping ahead of the rat race of the every changing news cycle.

Let’s be real, taking cheap shots at your opponent isn’t just political. It makes great news. Both networks, doing their best to say they are the Truth of the matter. Which of course, neither one are. Because we all want the truth right? Well, the truth we agree with.

And that is just two cable news networks. The big guys on cable news. Don’t forget about the countless papers, the actual Networks, the other cable news networks, and the plethora of columnist, bloggers, twitter-verse, and opinion givers out there. All who check their lanes, see where the bigger crowd is, then switch lanes to lead the crowd.

And that is where most forget to tie their shoes. They jump on a story, mold it into their point of view, and run like hell to lead the pack. Usually getting their laces stepped on and falling flat on their faces in the process. In the past this used to be a career killer. Write something without checking the facts? Get tossed out of your office with your wilted potted plant thrown at you. Because back then? Getting the story right mattered. It had to. Your reputation depended upon it, and so did your news organization. Now? Well missteps are brushed aside, tossed in the waste pan under your desk and next to your wilted potted plant. You may get a finger wagged in your face, but that is unlikely. Because your boss knows what we all know. The news cycle is just too fast to keep up with anymore. Facts, and checking facts, that takes time. Time used for checking facts is for wussies.

Because the news rat race? Is a fast track. If you miss a story by an hour? You may be relegated to the bottom of page. Find your article is listed in Archives, even though you submitted it a half hour ago. So best to run with it, facts be damned, because after all, they are just a smidgen of the story, right?



[Opinions in this blog took a little time to conceive. So, you may find this article in my archives. Also, this is just my opinion, because that is what I do, write opinions, for the sake of opinions. While you have been reading my little blog, you have missed out on 3 top stories, maybe you missed that Prince Harry now has a son, or that we are sending the USS Abraham Lincoln to the middle east. Or that 1,000,000 species are expected to go extinct according to the United Nations. Then again there is that nasty asteroid impact in NYC that never happened…but it could have happened. Either way, don’t blink, you’ll miss the world.]

In defense of Old White Guys.

Posted on April 25, 2019



Former Vice President Joe Biden. / photo curtesy of


Say it isn’t so Joe…well, he did it. Hoping that the 3rd time is the charm, former Vice President Joe Biden is running, again, for President of the United States of America. A former Senator from Delaware he has had a long distinguished career in the Senate and politics in general. Tapped to be then Senator, Barack Obama’s running mate in 2008. Joe Biden brought his experience and inside knowledge of Washington D.C. politics to the ticket. It was a winning ticket. Joe Biden is a powerhouse of a candidate. A force to be reckoned with, and the Trump re-election committee will be working overtime to combat this threat. Well, they would have.


But now? Joe has issues. For one, he’s old. Then of course he’s white. A tad overly friendly, but hey, so am I, so I will give him a ‘soft’ pass until others come out to complain. He’s also very real, and that is a Big F’ing Deal.


To be a moderate in the Democratic party right now? Well heck! Might as well be an old white guy! Oh, wait…

Because the Democratic Party now a days has an issue with old white dudes. They are very unhappy with the current one living in that White House…and why is it called the White House? And they certainly don’t want someone who represents 72% of the population of the United States. Joe has issues with Socialism, which you know, is not a good thing these days.

Oh yes, like any good politician Joe does pander, to the masses of millennials who want a life provided by Harrods…from the womb to the tomb. And he is good with letting the other 28% of Americans know, that he too, is not happy with old white dudes. Yet this placating of the masses is well…falling flat.

CNN this morning, on it’s news app, basically said to Joe…Why bother? Dude! You’re old, and too pale. Leaving no mistake that they do not approve. Because the last thing America needs is an experienced politician in the White House. What we need is vigor, wild ideas that have no chance of success and well, color. We need some color.


Somewhere, in Heaven, a wonderful soul is yelling down to Earth: Content of Character!


Because whether you like Joe Biden or not. Whether you think his platform is good or not. And definitely whether you think the content of his character is good or not. These things do not matter anymore. We have slipped away from the days of electing solid Politian’s who understand the circumstances and gravity of governance, to the days of cute fluffy bunnies.

Can Joe, at 76 years of age, put together an IKEA table while Facebooking live? Probably not. Besides, he has grandkids for that. Can Joe whip up support for the New Green Deal? Eh, maybe, maybe not. It was his generation that ruined the planet for the rest of us. Can he navigate the complexities of our immigration issues? Helping out Dreamers and solving the fiasco that lies at our Southern Border? I’m sure he could, but unless he says yes to open borders, yes to this faction and that faction, he won’t survive to the first round of political drop outs in February 2020.

The problem with Joe Biden isn’t that he is out of step with America, it is he is out of step with the far left in America. Those that want a Global economy, nations to end in favor of a world government. Those who wish to punish America for its exceptionalism, and certainly to stop the impending End of The World, via the Paris Accord. And most of all, to vanquish White old dude Privilege.

Joe Biden has a problem. For all his Democratic Party affinity, and his experience and knowledge of Washington D.C. workings, he is an old white dude. And that does not play into the Democratic Party’s new found Democratic-Socialist members. The days of a moderate Democrat, a trusted public servant, and a loyalist to the party itself mean nothing. It is a sad day for the Democratic Party when CNN pans you from the start in favor of a young Mayor whom they gave glowing reviews when he tossed his hat in. Joe is from the days of rational behavior, tried and true methods of winning elections. Only to find now, that what damns him the most? Is the color of his skin. Irony is the bitch of modern politics.

I personally would like to see Joe go the distance, to make his case and let the nation decide. I like old white dudes, being one myself. But this time? It won’t be the radical nature of the candidate that ends it for him, but the moderately calm, if not sometimes boisterous humor, of his political demeanor that lags behind the pack.



The conclusion of the Mueller Report. The President is Human after all.

Posted on April 19, 2019


Donald J. Trump circa 2015. If he only knew what in 2 years would life would have in store for him.  Photo by Wiki Commons.



I want to think the President was sitting in the Oval Office, pen in hand, when the news dropped. Rod Rosenstein had appointed a Special Counsel. He drops his pen on the desk. Laces his fingers as he sits back and takes a deep breath, sinus issues and all, and then looks up. He is looking at the Oval Office, a place, for almost two years, he has fought hard to be at. He really isn’t looking at anything, but thinking. He looks at the nervous messenger standing in front of him, and says the most human thing a person can say.


“Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m f’d.”


Of course it probably didn’t go that way. He was most likely standing in some West Wing hallway when he was told. A look of shock as the rumors and innuendoes from the campaign came back to haunt him. He knew what this meant. That the campaign rhetoric from the other side was being taken to a whole new level. These people were out for blood.


Democrats were most likely still pissed at his original support for the Birther movement. Karma is truly a female dog.


But it was this most human of reactions that is getting twisted by the News Media. Obviously this was an admission of guilt. Forget that for the next two years he would be under a microscope and emasculated in dealing with foreign governments. Putin would be sitting in his comfy chair, a glass of vodka in hand, snickering at the thought of Trump having to defend himself against moronic Facebook posts. It must have been hard to talk to Putin then.


“Vladimir, I want to talk to you about the Ukraine.” Trump would say. Putin snickers.

“Oh sorry Donny, I am watching MSNBC! This is hilarious!” Vlad says.

“About the Ukraine…” Trump would start. Peels of laughter.

“I can’t talk right now Donny! This is just too funny.” Click. 


It’s a little hard to govern when everyone thinks you are a joke. Even harder when the News Media is calling you a Traitor.

Yet the human reaction to being investigated is normal. Kind of like us regular folk, being pulled over to the side of the road when we see those flashing red & blue lights. Hoping the police car is just going to pass us by, in pursuit of others, only to see them stop behind us. I’m f’d is our typical response.

Trump is probably not the only President to utter those words. I’m going to hazard a guess that others have uttered similar phrases.

Maybe President Taft. I don’t think it is a stretch of the imagination to think he utters such words. Like:


Get me out of this f’ing bathtub! 


You can see that right? I’m sure you can. And now that I mentioned it? It is burned into you psyche.

General Washington probably uttered those now famous words. Repeatedly at Valley Forge, I am sure. He may have said something similar when crossing the Delaware River.


Can you guys row any f’ing slower? It’s f’ing cold out here!


Later when Washington became our first President, and sat in on Congressional discussion, he was reported to mutter as he left the chambers. This is f’ing boring. And never came back. Smart man, that President Washington, lucky for him CSPAN didn’t exist back then.


Some Presidents, we just can’t imagine doing that all too human reaction of uttering a profane word. Reagan? Nah! Carter? Unlikely. George H.W. Bush? Never. Clinton? I am sure he did. Lincoln? Wow, he had to. Probably didn’t, but if any man deserved the right to swear like a drunken sailor, Abraham Lincoln had every right to utter profanity.

William Henry Harrison was probably the closest to utter what President Trump said. After catching pneumonia after, not because of ,his inauguration and would die from his doctors well-meaning, but archaic, care. Was reportedly to utter this phrase on his deathbed.


“Oh my God, this is terrible. This is the end of Presidency. I’m f’d.”


This statement was not recorded on official records. But likely uttered by Harrison. Get those damn leeches away” was also uttered hours earlier, but that is just hearsay. Seems that doctors played a bigger role in his demise than pneumonia.


Despite the theory that President Richard M. Nixon uttered a similar phase akin to President Trump. He was unofficially heard to have said ‘Well poop!’


When it comes down to it. Presidents, like the rest of us, are human. They get mad, scared, paranoid, and pissy. And of course, they can use foul language. We should not condemn them for their human traits, but be glad they exhibit them. After all, they are just people like us, not Reptilian Overlords.


Well, I hope they are not Reptilian Overlords.





[The opinions expressed here are from the authors vivid imagination. At no point did the author invent a time machine and heard past Presidents utter profanity. Nor did the author make some heavy investments in the stock market circa 1950 and is now moving to a tropical island to live out his dream of being a totally worthless rich beach bum.]


Forty Acres and a Mule.

Posted on April 17, 2019


agriculture barley bread cereal

Amber Waves of Grain / Photo by DESPIERRES Cécile on



Well it’s back. Talk of reparations for slavery. Like many ideas floated around during the political season they all come from righting wrongs of our past. We are destroying the planet by carbon dioxide emissions. So, let’s sign a treaty and stop driving cars. We have an illegal immigration problem. So, let’s build a wall to keep them out. We celebrate that evil Columbus Day. So, let’s call it Indigenous Peoples Day instead. And on and on.

Slavery Reparations have been tried before, the iconic 40 Acres and a Mule solution. Didn’t work out. Stopped by the Democratic President Andrew Johnson. It’s a long story, the short version is this: Take the land previously held by Southern Plantation owners and give to the newly freed slaves. Toss in a mule to help them farm. Sounds about right, probably would have worked. Yet attitudes back then precluded the implementation of this plan. They didn’t think Blacks were smart enough to run a farm. I guess they missed the point of the whole antebellum period where Blacks farmed the land for White owners. And despite being enslaved in the process, made their white owners rich. Kind of shows that Blacks knew a thing or two on how to properly farm. Ideologies, especially moronic ones, are slow to change.

So, every so often, the idea of reparations gets tossed about. While the original idea was righting the wrongs of the past, and sticking it to the Southern Rebellious States, by moving the freed slaves into the economy and thus giving them a stepping stone into entrepreneurship, now it has just become a free money give away. Now it is just way to Buy Votes, and get the News Media to fawn over your proposal. Because we must right our wrongs. This is compassion, we must pay money for our sins.


So, we’re good right?


In reality, does anyone think paying out reparations will end racial tensions? Do the proponents of this righting the wrong solution think, for one moment, that everyone will just get along?

Consider this. As an old white dude, am I allow to say to a black person, once reparations have been distributed, So, we’re good right? And ignore racism from then on? Do I have the right to point my finger at another human being and tell them they have no right to complain anymore about societal injustices, because now we are even?


Oh please!


You may find it silly, but some will think that way. That with reparations, a new era will dawn upon America. That the white people paid back black people for the sin of slavery and all is now good. That racism can’t exist, because we paid you back right? It shouldn’t be a shock to you that most who will think that? Well, they are probably racist. They were before the reparations were doled out, and now? They feel justified in saying So, we’re good right? and continuing on in their racist attitudes.

Reparations will not improve race relations, it will just exacerbate them.


Despite the righting of a wrong, and the whole logistical problems associated with reparations, the time for true reparations has come and gone. We missed our opportunity at the end of the Civil War, and now? We can’t get it back. There is a reason for the adage The Past is in The Past.


Real Reparations.


If you want to correct the sins of the past. Right the Wrong of slavery we can do this. First off, stop slavery wherever it occurs. Do you think slavery ended with the Civil War? It didn’t. Modern slavery exists. While there isn’t technically ownership of another human being, there is absolute control.

One issue of the illegal immigration problem is that it promotes modern slavery. Those who come here illegally are under constant threat of being called out and deported. Those who employ them? Know this and use it to their advantage.

Sex Trafficking is also a form of modern slavery. Humans kept in horrible conditions and prostituted to others by ‘Masters’ who control every aspect of their lives.

Illegal immigration is not just ‘bad for economy’ or ‘gangs and thugs invading our lands’ it is also a form of modern slavery, and needs to stop.

When it comes to reparations for slavery the best solution is one that has been on the table for 55 years. That is, seeing people as individuals and not by the color of their skin. To treat people as you want to be treated, to disavow racism wherever you find it, and strive for common decency among all people of this nation.

We shouldn’t forget the past, nor ignore it. Slavery was a disease of the human soul that exacted a terrible price not only on the Blacks who were enslaved, but upon the nation as a whole. This should go without saying. But like a lawsuit that pays you for the death of love one, and will never bring them back. Nor will reparations heal the wound of slavery.

Can we do something? Sure. We could do a lot more. Aside from not being asses to one another just because of skin tone, we could fix the problems with black communities. Starting by asking black communities what they need.

Things like education, affordable housing, opportunity for growth in jobs and entrepreneurship’s. Would be a great start. Making sure that monies go to schools that are imperil of failing testing scores. Breaking the dependency cycle of government aid and empowering people to make their own choices, set their own goals, and determine what they want out of life instead of what the government dictates.


You know, what we all want for ourselves.


Because in the end, people are just people, and our commonalities are far greater than our differences.

Let’s forget the citizen question and count them all.

Posted on April 10, 2019


Maybe we should let it ride another 10 years. / Photo by The Opinant.



Tomorrow I plan to move my family some 2000 miles away from our home. My children know no other home than this one, and it will be a huge change for us. We are going to California, walking there, with only the clothes on our back, what we can carry in suitcases, and with little money in our pockets.

It will be a hard journey, but it will be worth it. I don’t speak the California language. Their dialect and nuances of the English language is just too foreign for me. What exactly does ‘Gnarly’ mean? But in California? I can find a home, get medical care, send my kids to their schools to be educated by people who speak my Midwestern language. All of this, through the gracious donations of the California Taxpayers.

I could go to Wisconsin I guess. Not that far away, they have great beer and an amazing selection of cheeses. But Wisconsin won’t take care of me like California will. Wisconsin only lets a few people move into their State. Very choosy that Wisconsin.

Of course, traveling to California will be worth it, they will take care of me. I may have some issues traveling there. Wandering across the country without much food and water, little money, and finding places to sleep and relieve ourselves, just might draw the attention of the authorities. They don’t take kindly to parents making their children sleep outside at roadside stops. I might get arrested for Child Neglect and the kids might end up in foster care. But California? They will take me in. The want me to come there, and once there? No one is going to make me leave. Don’t you want to go to California with us?


Because California is in America, and THAT place wants you to stay. 


And that is the crux of the immigration issue. The reason people make a perilous trek of some 2580 miles isn’t because of proximity. Nor is it because the culture is similar, so the impact on relocation will be minimal. They don’t put their children in peril, something that would land us in jail and our kids in foster care if we tried it, just because the scenic route is fun. They do it for economic reasons. And most importantly, because we let them.

And why is it, that people who care about them so much, people who are trying to stop any staunching of this flood of humanity, are for it? Why would anyone think this is a great idea? Wouldn’t it be better to give monies to adjacent countries to house these imperiled people? You would think a healthy chunk of the foreign aid budget could be funneled for this very purpose. Heck, even the $5.7 Billion for the Medieval Wall could be sent to those countries for them to take care of this humanitarian crisis.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case does it? Kind of the opposite. Instead of working to keep those people in their own nations, or to resettle them in neighboring nations, we want them to spend the next two months walking to the United States border.


I wonder if it has something to do with the 2020 Census?


Every 10 years we count ourselves. Typically this involves a form in the mail, on occasion a worker knocking on your door. But we count…everyone. Now what we do with those number is the fun part. Other than finding out how many kids people have. Because normally people do not have 2.5 children, we like whole numbers in our kids. We also take those numbers and divvy up Representatives Seats. You get your Congressional Legislators from the census.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone why the push to allow illegal immigrants into the United States is now a Democratic Party Cause. Many immigrants who come to America settle in large cities. Cities that are run by Democrats, cities that have enacted Sanctuary policies. If you have more people in your area when the census takes place, you get more Representatives in Congress.

This is why the Democratic Party, Liberal outlets, and pro-Sanctuary advocates are against a simple question on the 2020 census.

Are you a Citizen of the United States?


This addition, or in reality, reinsertion into the Census is drawing the ire of many Democrats. They have fought it tooth and nail against it, and now? The question is before the Supreme Court. The SCOTUS decision will decide who controls the House of Representatives for generations to come. Undoubtedly, swaying the House to a Democratic Majority. One thing? Those here already? Or before the ruling comes down? Will get a pass. Some way, some how, it will happen. They will be counted.


So, let’s skip the question and count them all. Hit the snooze button for 10 years.


What if, instead of concentrating on a border fence, the President redirected his Homeland Security and Border Patrol to take in illegal immigrants and send them to designated housing areas. These areas would be in Republican majority spots in the Nation. Middle of Iowa, or Central California, maybe even Southern Illinois. They would stay there, be taken care of till the question of their legal status is determined. You know, after the 2020 Census.

I am not suggesting encampments, or gulags. Apartments, public housing, FEMA trailers will do just fine. But all of these designated places, within Republican dominated areas.

Could you guess how long it would take the Democratic Party to reverse its stance on illegal immigration? Before the ink dries on the Executive order.




[The opinions expressed here are from the Author’s vivid imagination. At no time did he consider walking to California with his family in tow. Driving to California would be annoying, can you imagine a month and a half of “Are we there yet?” if we walked? Wisconsin is a lovely State and would gladly welcome you in. Immigrants are people, who care and love their families. They are looking for a better life, and you can’t blame them. Yet walking some 2780 miles or more with your kids? Bad form old boy, bad form.]