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In defense of Old White Guys.

Posted on April 25, 2019



Former Vice President Joe Biden. / photo curtesy of


Say it isn’t so Joe…well, he did it. Hoping that the 3rd time is the charm, former Vice President Joe Biden is running, again, for President of the United States of America. A former Senator from Delaware he has had a long distinguished career in the Senate and politics in general. Tapped to be then Senator, Barack Obama’s running mate in 2008. Joe Biden brought his experience and inside knowledge of Washington D.C. politics to the ticket. It was a winning ticket. Joe Biden is a powerhouse of a candidate. A force to be reckoned with, and the Trump re-election committee will be working overtime to combat this threat. Well, they would have.


But now? Joe has issues. For one, he’s old. Then of course he’s white. A tad overly friendly, but hey, so am I, so I will give him a ‘soft’ pass until others come out to complain. He’s also very real, and that is a Big F’ing Deal.


To be a moderate in the Democratic party right now? Well heck! Might as well be an old white guy! Oh, wait…

Because the Democratic Party now a days has an issue with old white dudes. They are very unhappy with the current one living in that White House…and why is it called the White House? And they certainly don’t want someone who represents 72% of the population of the United States. Joe has issues with Socialism, which you know, is not a good thing these days.

Oh yes, like any good politician Joe does pander, to the masses of millennials who want a life provided by Harrods…from the womb to the tomb. And he is good with letting the other 28% of Americans know, that he too, is not happy with old white dudes. Yet this placating of the masses is well…falling flat.

CNN this morning, on it’s news app, basically said to Joe…Why bother? Dude! You’re old, and too pale. Leaving no mistake that they do not approve. Because the last thing America needs is an experienced politician in the White House. What we need is vigor, wild ideas that have no chance of success and well, color. We need some color.


Somewhere, in Heaven, a wonderful soul is yelling down to Earth: Content of Character!


Because whether you like Joe Biden or not. Whether you think his platform is good or not. And definitely whether you think the content of his character is good or not. These things do not matter anymore. We have slipped away from the days of electing solid Politian’s who understand the circumstances and gravity of governance, to the days of cute fluffy bunnies.

Can Joe, at 76 years of age, put together an IKEA table while Facebooking live? Probably not. Besides, he has grandkids for that. Can Joe whip up support for the New Green Deal? Eh, maybe, maybe not. It was his generation that ruined the planet for the rest of us. Can he navigate the complexities of our immigration issues? Helping out Dreamers and solving the fiasco that lies at our Southern Border? I’m sure he could, but unless he says yes to open borders, yes to this faction and that faction, he won’t survive to the first round of political drop outs in February 2020.

The problem with Joe Biden isn’t that he is out of step with America, it is he is out of step with the far left in America. Those that want a Global economy, nations to end in favor of a world government. Those who wish to punish America for its exceptionalism, and certainly to stop the impending End of The World, via the Paris Accord. And most of all, to vanquish White old dude Privilege.

Joe Biden has a problem. For all his Democratic Party affinity, and his experience and knowledge of Washington D.C. workings, he is an old white dude. And that does not play into the Democratic Party’s new found Democratic-Socialist members. The days of a moderate Democrat, a trusted public servant, and a loyalist to the party itself mean nothing. It is a sad day for the Democratic Party when CNN pans you from the start in favor of a young Mayor whom they gave glowing reviews when he tossed his hat in. Joe is from the days of rational behavior, tried and true methods of winning elections. Only to find now, that what damns him the most? Is the color of his skin. Irony is the bitch of modern politics.

I personally would like to see Joe go the distance, to make his case and let the nation decide. I like old white dudes, being one myself. But this time? It won’t be the radical nature of the candidate that ends it for him, but the moderately calm, if not sometimes boisterous humor, of his political demeanor that lags behind the pack.



The conclusion of the Mueller Report. The President is Human after all.

Posted on April 19, 2019


Donald J. Trump circa 2015. If he only knew what in 2 years would life would have in store for him.  Photo by Wiki Commons.



I want to think the President was sitting in the Oval Office, pen in hand, when the news dropped. Rod Rosenstein had appointed a Special Counsel. He drops his pen on the desk. Laces his fingers as he sits back and takes a deep breath, sinus issues and all, and then looks up. He is looking at the Oval Office, a place, for almost two years, he has fought hard to be at. He really isn’t looking at anything, but thinking. He looks at the nervous messenger standing in front of him, and says the most human thing a person can say.


“Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m f’d.”


Of course it probably didn’t go that way. He was most likely standing in some West Wing hallway when he was told. A look of shock as the rumors and innuendoes from the campaign came back to haunt him. He knew what this meant. That the campaign rhetoric from the other side was being taken to a whole new level. These people were out for blood.


Democrats were most likely still pissed at his original support for the Birther movement. Karma is truly a female dog.


But it was this most human of reactions that is getting twisted by the News Media. Obviously this was an admission of guilt. Forget that for the next two years he would be under a microscope and emasculated in dealing with foreign governments. Putin would be sitting in his comfy chair, a glass of vodka in hand, snickering at the thought of Trump having to defend himself against moronic Facebook posts. It must have been hard to talk to Putin then.


“Vladimir, I want to talk to you about the Ukraine.” Trump would say. Putin snickers.

“Oh sorry Donny, I am watching MSNBC! This is hilarious!” Vlad says.

“About the Ukraine…” Trump would start. Peels of laughter.

“I can’t talk right now Donny! This is just too funny.” Click. 


It’s a little hard to govern when everyone thinks you are a joke. Even harder when the News Media is calling you a Traitor.

Yet the human reaction to being investigated is normal. Kind of like us regular folk, being pulled over to the side of the road when we see those flashing red & blue lights. Hoping the police car is just going to pass us by, in pursuit of others, only to see them stop behind us. I’m f’d is our typical response.

Trump is probably not the only President to utter those words. I’m going to hazard a guess that others have uttered similar phrases.

Maybe President Taft. I don’t think it is a stretch of the imagination to think he utters such words. Like:


Get me out of this f’ing bathtub! 


You can see that right? I’m sure you can. And now that I mentioned it? It is burned into you psyche.

General Washington probably uttered those now famous words. Repeatedly at Valley Forge, I am sure. He may have said something similar when crossing the Delaware River.


Can you guys row any f’ing slower? It’s f’ing cold out here!


Later when Washington became our first President, and sat in on Congressional discussion, he was reported to mutter as he left the chambers. This is f’ing boring. And never came back. Smart man, that President Washington, lucky for him CSPAN didn’t exist back then.


Some Presidents, we just can’t imagine doing that all too human reaction of uttering a profane word. Reagan? Nah! Carter? Unlikely. George H.W. Bush? Never. Clinton? I am sure he did. Lincoln? Wow, he had to. Probably didn’t, but if any man deserved the right to swear like a drunken sailor, Abraham Lincoln had every right to utter profanity.

William Henry Harrison was probably the closest to utter what President Trump said. After catching pneumonia after, not because of ,his inauguration and would die from his doctors well-meaning, but archaic, care. Was reportedly to utter this phrase on his deathbed.


“Oh my God, this is terrible. This is the end of Presidency. I’m f’d.”


This statement was not recorded on official records. But likely uttered by Harrison. Get those damn leeches away” was also uttered hours earlier, but that is just hearsay. Seems that doctors played a bigger role in his demise than pneumonia.


Despite the theory that President Richard M. Nixon uttered a similar phase akin to President Trump. He was unofficially heard to have said ‘Well poop!’


When it comes down to it. Presidents, like the rest of us, are human. They get mad, scared, paranoid, and pissy. And of course, they can use foul language. We should not condemn them for their human traits, but be glad they exhibit them. After all, they are just people like us, not Reptilian Overlords.


Well, I hope they are not Reptilian Overlords.





[The opinions expressed here are from the authors vivid imagination. At no point did the author invent a time machine and heard past Presidents utter profanity. Nor did the author make some heavy investments in the stock market circa 1950 and is now moving to a tropical island to live out his dream of being a totally worthless rich beach bum.]


Forty Acres and a Mule.

Posted on April 17, 2019


agriculture barley bread cereal

Amber Waves of Grain / Photo by DESPIERRES Cécile on



Well it’s back. Talk of reparations for slavery. Like many ideas floated around during the political season they all come from righting wrongs of our past. We are destroying the planet by carbon dioxide emissions. So, let’s sign a treaty and stop driving cars. We have an illegal immigration problem. So, let’s build a wall to keep them out. We celebrate that evil Columbus Day. So, let’s call it Indigenous Peoples Day instead. And on and on.

Slavery Reparations have been tried before, the iconic 40 Acres and a Mule solution. Didn’t work out. Stopped by the Democratic President Andrew Johnson. It’s a long story, the short version is this: Take the land previously held by Southern Plantation owners and give to the newly freed slaves. Toss in a mule to help them farm. Sounds about right, probably would have worked. Yet attitudes back then precluded the implementation of this plan. They didn’t think Blacks were smart enough to run a farm. I guess they missed the point of the whole antebellum period where Blacks farmed the land for White owners. And despite being enslaved in the process, made their white owners rich. Kind of shows that Blacks knew a thing or two on how to properly farm. Ideologies, especially moronic ones, are slow to change.

So, every so often, the idea of reparations gets tossed about. While the original idea was righting the wrongs of the past, and sticking it to the Southern Rebellious States, by moving the freed slaves into the economy and thus giving them a stepping stone into entrepreneurship, now it has just become a free money give away. Now it is just way to Buy Votes, and get the News Media to fawn over your proposal. Because we must right our wrongs. This is compassion, we must pay money for our sins.


So, we’re good right?


In reality, does anyone think paying out reparations will end racial tensions? Do the proponents of this righting the wrong solution think, for one moment, that everyone will just get along?

Consider this. As an old white dude, am I allow to say to a black person, once reparations have been distributed, So, we’re good right? And ignore racism from then on? Do I have the right to point my finger at another human being and tell them they have no right to complain anymore about societal injustices, because now we are even?


Oh please!


You may find it silly, but some will think that way. That with reparations, a new era will dawn upon America. That the white people paid back black people for the sin of slavery and all is now good. That racism can’t exist, because we paid you back right? It shouldn’t be a shock to you that most who will think that? Well, they are probably racist. They were before the reparations were doled out, and now? They feel justified in saying So, we’re good right? and continuing on in their racist attitudes.

Reparations will not improve race relations, it will just exacerbate them.


Despite the righting of a wrong, and the whole logistical problems associated with reparations, the time for true reparations has come and gone. We missed our opportunity at the end of the Civil War, and now? We can’t get it back. There is a reason for the adage The Past is in The Past.


Real Reparations.


If you want to correct the sins of the past. Right the Wrong of slavery we can do this. First off, stop slavery wherever it occurs. Do you think slavery ended with the Civil War? It didn’t. Modern slavery exists. While there isn’t technically ownership of another human being, there is absolute control.

One issue of the illegal immigration problem is that it promotes modern slavery. Those who come here illegally are under constant threat of being called out and deported. Those who employ them? Know this and use it to their advantage.

Sex Trafficking is also a form of modern slavery. Humans kept in horrible conditions and prostituted to others by ‘Masters’ who control every aspect of their lives.

Illegal immigration is not just ‘bad for economy’ or ‘gangs and thugs invading our lands’ it is also a form of modern slavery, and needs to stop.

When it comes to reparations for slavery the best solution is one that has been on the table for 55 years. That is, seeing people as individuals and not by the color of their skin. To treat people as you want to be treated, to disavow racism wherever you find it, and strive for common decency among all people of this nation.

We shouldn’t forget the past, nor ignore it. Slavery was a disease of the human soul that exacted a terrible price not only on the Blacks who were enslaved, but upon the nation as a whole. This should go without saying. But like a lawsuit that pays you for the death of love one, and will never bring them back. Nor will reparations heal the wound of slavery.

Can we do something? Sure. We could do a lot more. Aside from not being asses to one another just because of skin tone, we could fix the problems with black communities. Starting by asking black communities what they need.

Things like education, affordable housing, opportunity for growth in jobs and entrepreneurship’s. Would be a great start. Making sure that monies go to schools that are imperil of failing testing scores. Breaking the dependency cycle of government aid and empowering people to make their own choices, set their own goals, and determine what they want out of life instead of what the government dictates.


You know, what we all want for ourselves.


Because in the end, people are just people, and our commonalities are far greater than our differences.

Let’s forget the citizen question and count them all.

Posted on April 10, 2019


Maybe we should let it ride another 10 years. / Photo by The Opinant.



Tomorrow I plan to move my family some 2000 miles away from our home. My children know no other home than this one, and it will be a huge change for us. We are going to California, walking there, with only the clothes on our back, what we can carry in suitcases, and with little money in our pockets.

It will be a hard journey, but it will be worth it. I don’t speak the California language. Their dialect and nuances of the English language is just too foreign for me. What exactly does ‘Gnarly’ mean? But in California? I can find a home, get medical care, send my kids to their schools to be educated by people who speak my Midwestern language. All of this, through the gracious donations of the California Taxpayers.

I could go to Wisconsin I guess. Not that far away, they have great beer and an amazing selection of cheeses. But Wisconsin won’t take care of me like California will. Wisconsin only lets a few people move into their State. Very choosy that Wisconsin.

Of course, traveling to California will be worth it, they will take care of me. I may have some issues traveling there. Wandering across the country without much food and water, little money, and finding places to sleep and relieve ourselves, just might draw the attention of the authorities. They don’t take kindly to parents making their children sleep outside at roadside stops. I might get arrested for Child Neglect and the kids might end up in foster care. But California? They will take me in. The want me to come there, and once there? No one is going to make me leave. Don’t you want to go to California with us?


Because California is in America, and THAT place wants you to stay. 


And that is the crux of the immigration issue. The reason people make a perilous trek of some 2580 miles isn’t because of proximity. Nor is it because the culture is similar, so the impact on relocation will be minimal. They don’t put their children in peril, something that would land us in jail and our kids in foster care if we tried it, just because the scenic route is fun. They do it for economic reasons. And most importantly, because we let them.

And why is it, that people who care about them so much, people who are trying to stop any staunching of this flood of humanity, are for it? Why would anyone think this is a great idea? Wouldn’t it be better to give monies to adjacent countries to house these imperiled people? You would think a healthy chunk of the foreign aid budget could be funneled for this very purpose. Heck, even the $5.7 Billion for the Medieval Wall could be sent to those countries for them to take care of this humanitarian crisis.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case does it? Kind of the opposite. Instead of working to keep those people in their own nations, or to resettle them in neighboring nations, we want them to spend the next two months walking to the United States border.


I wonder if it has something to do with the 2020 Census?


Every 10 years we count ourselves. Typically this involves a form in the mail, on occasion a worker knocking on your door. But we count…everyone. Now what we do with those number is the fun part. Other than finding out how many kids people have. Because normally people do not have 2.5 children, we like whole numbers in our kids. We also take those numbers and divvy up Representatives Seats. You get your Congressional Legislators from the census.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone why the push to allow illegal immigrants into the United States is now a Democratic Party Cause. Many immigrants who come to America settle in large cities. Cities that are run by Democrats, cities that have enacted Sanctuary policies. If you have more people in your area when the census takes place, you get more Representatives in Congress.

This is why the Democratic Party, Liberal outlets, and pro-Sanctuary advocates are against a simple question on the 2020 census.

Are you a Citizen of the United States?


This addition, or in reality, reinsertion into the Census is drawing the ire of many Democrats. They have fought it tooth and nail against it, and now? The question is before the Supreme Court. The SCOTUS decision will decide who controls the House of Representatives for generations to come. Undoubtedly, swaying the House to a Democratic Majority. One thing? Those here already? Or before the ruling comes down? Will get a pass. Some way, some how, it will happen. They will be counted.


So, let’s skip the question and count them all. Hit the snooze button for 10 years.


What if, instead of concentrating on a border fence, the President redirected his Homeland Security and Border Patrol to take in illegal immigrants and send them to designated housing areas. These areas would be in Republican majority spots in the Nation. Middle of Iowa, or Central California, maybe even Southern Illinois. They would stay there, be taken care of till the question of their legal status is determined. You know, after the 2020 Census.

I am not suggesting encampments, or gulags. Apartments, public housing, FEMA trailers will do just fine. But all of these designated places, within Republican dominated areas.

Could you guess how long it would take the Democratic Party to reverse its stance on illegal immigration? Before the ink dries on the Executive order.




[The opinions expressed here are from the Author’s vivid imagination. At no time did he consider walking to California with his family in tow. Driving to California would be annoying, can you imagine a month and a half of “Are we there yet?” if we walked? Wisconsin is a lovely State and would gladly welcome you in. Immigrants are people, who care and love their families. They are looking for a better life, and you can’t blame them. Yet walking some 2780 miles or more with your kids? Bad form old boy, bad form.]

Obstruction, Obstruction…what’s your function?

Posted on April 8, 2019



Robert S. Mueller III Special Counsel for The United States Department of Justice. / Image courtesy of F.B.I. and Wikipedia.


I have to say I am very impressed with Robert Mueller. For one, he was a Democratic Party darling, now he is a Republican Party darling. The man knows how to make people happy and sad in less than 24 hours. That is impressive.

But it was the genius of stacking his investigators deck with ardent Liberal Democrats that was amazing. Taking people on who absolutely hated President Trump, those who would look into every nook and cranny hoping to find a sliver of Collusion or in reality, Conspiracy.


Yet it didn’t turn out that way. 


Robert Mueller put himself in the cat-bird seat by this action. If he would have chosen a more non-partisan group, or say non-political group, well there would be wiggle room to say he was bias in favor of the President. As you might have noticed, the Talking Blue Bird at President Trumps disposal said the opposite for the last two years. President Trump called the investigation, and Mueller, everything in the book, and then tweeted about it. When the report finally dropped on a Washington D.C. Friday night, tears were shed, teeth were gnashed, and everyone was trying to figure this whole thing out to their advantage.


How could this be? No Collusion? What??? Oh, wait! What’s this about Obstruction? 


Then the rallying cry started. The President, well he may have Obstructed Justice. Mueller was ambiguous, left the decision to that rabid Republican William Barr, the Attorney General of the United States. Because Barr, you know, will bury that charge under a Cherry Tree. Or at the least, toss it into the Potomac River. CNN went on endlessly about it, MSNBC, The New York Times, Vox and a host of others droned on. Collusion was the real crime.


Then Silence.


Right now, the big discussion is the Full Report. Everyone is itching to see it, and darn it! Why did they release the Kenneth Starr White Water Report in full! And why are they taking so long now? What are they trying to hide? Is Barr trying to be sneaky?

Of course it might be because the report deals with a Foreign Government, you know, Russia. And the report contains intelligence gathering methods include (or not). So that picking and choosing what to show might be a good reason not to blast the Full Report on Twitter. Then of course, there are those nasty legalities about releasing classified documents and methods. Barr may have that on his mind too. Silly man!

But talk about Obstruction has faded into the background. Now it is just concerns about a black sharpie used to cover what everyone wants to see. Concerns over what we will eventually see, and what Barr is, of course, going to bury under mounds of Legalities to prevent Congress from seeing the Whole Picture. You know, this Attorney General is actually going to follow the law, isn’t that refreshing?

The question on Obstruction has faded for a couple of reasons. And although better minds than mine have discussed their reasonings, I think it boils down to these two.


It’s hard to Obstruct Justice when there isn’t a crime.


Consider the first finding on Collusion. (You know, Conspiracy) that was deemed untrue. Okay, so no evidence was found. And no evidence will be found until Congressmen Adam Schiff releases his hidden cache of documents. Until Adam fesses up, this is a hamburger without a patty. Probably missing the pickles too. So…

No Collusion, and if there isn’t any collusion, trying to stop an investigation into a non-crime would be a…?

Not a crime. It’s kind of like me helping my neighbor hid from his wife. Sure, he can just stand in my garage, drink a beer, and snicker as his wife calls out his name. And yes, I will be in deep doodoo with my neighbor’s wife. But I did not commit a crime. I did not obstruct justice. Just helped out a neighbor, tried to help out a friend.

If now, the police were looking for my neighbor because he robbed a liquor store to get said beer, that he is now drinking in my garage. And I know he is there, and tell the police he is not, and tell my neighbor to hide in the rafters? You know what? I have just obstructed justice. Along with aiding and abetting. I am in deep doodoo, and not just with my neighbor’s wife.

This was President’s Trump crime. Or lack of crime. I seriously doubt he thought it was a crime, and maybe one of his lawyers would have told him not to say such things because they will use it against him and all. And maybe one did, maybe one didn’t. Then again, with lawyers like Cohen? He probably never asked. Or they never told him. Or…well lets face it. Either way you cut, dice, dissect it? You really can’t obstruct justice if there is no crime to obstruct.




Then there is the little problem of precedent. Not exactly legal precedent but more of a precedent of perception. During the 2016 Election there were questions regarding the investigation of Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email server. And the reported lost 30,000 emails. Give or take a few hundred emails. Where did they go?

The private server that was housed in the Clinton’s private home was the point of contention with Republican lawmakers during, and prior, to the 2016 election. This server had all of its data erased.

Oh, and not just erased. Using a software program called Bleachbit that literally destroyed all chances of ever recovering those lost emails, or anything else on the server. Cleaned, with a digital dust cloth.

Then there is the strange case of Hillary Clinton’s staffs BlackBerrys. They were destroyed by using hammers. Which is a little extreme to say the least. Making those devices useless for recovering data that may have been pertinent to the investigation.

Add to this the emails found on Clinton’s top Aide, Huma Abedin, laptop that she shared with her then husband, Former Congressman Anthony Weiner. Questions arose about the nature of those emails, and whether they were sensitive in nature or not. Ultimately considered ‘not sensitive’ by then FBI Director James Comey and his staff.

All these odd little things, from destroyed data, to 5th amendment invocations, just add to the mystery surrounding the Clinton Email investigation. Illegal? Eh. Improper? Well yes. Obstruction? Okay, so we may have a problem there. Because it has become a huge “He said, She said” over things of when the Clinton team was told to keep all materials related to the investigation, and whether emails on the private server were actually government secrets or not…and well it’s a mess deserving of a Special Counsel itself. But let’s not go there, please.

Unfortunately for those who wanted to push the Obstruction of Justice questions toward President Trump, having so many questions about obstruction on the Clinton Email Server investigation leads to a bad taste in one’s mouth.

If they push for a case of obstruction on Trump, well then, can’t the same be said about Hillary Clinton? Of course it can. Trump just talked and tweeted. As far as he know he never took a hammer to his tweets. Saying silly things and tweeting about them are one thing. Destroying property and wiping out data? Quite another. Bad form old girl, bad form.


Give that man a Cigar!


Robert Mueller did our country a huge favor, hopefully his legacy will reflect that. By stacking the investigation deck with ardent Liberals, thus deflecting any bias in favor of President Trump, and by punting on Obstruction of Justice, he has hopefully ended what was to be the beginning of an endless cycle of investigations into collusion theories. Moot point be damned.

Overall, Robert Mueller proved the point. The system works, even as ugly as the system may be at time, it still works.


Just because you think the world is flat, doesn’t make it so. Same with your gender.

Posted on April 5, 2019


I am a little lost as to where the water would go. / Image from Wikipedia.

This is like my 5th draft of this post. No, seriously, I have written this four times before and didn’t like it. Kept coming off mean, and disingenuous. Because something is wrong, and I can’t quite put a finger on it. Every time I try? sounds like I am being a whiny. And it all revolves around Gender Identity. And while I seriously do not care what gender you identify as? It’s this nagging thing in my brain that is troubling me.

H.R.5 Equality Act of 2019 and Hillary Clinton.

It started with a post by Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. A nice post, wishing well to the Transgender community on Visibility day. What really caught my eye was the flag. Because it was cool, and I like flags. Silly me. If I could make a living designing flags? I would be stitching like mad.

I started to read the comments on Hillary Clinton’s thread, and then I came across Equality Act, and I did research, and found out a bill was moving through congress that would allow the same legal protections to the LGBT community that was codified in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.




Because honestly? I don’t care. It doesn’t affect me personally, and I really do not care one snit about your sexual orientation or if prefer to go around life as a man or woman. I have this weird idea that if you are nice to me? I will be nice to you. If you are an ass to me? Yeah.

I read the bill of course, looked at it, wondered about it. Something was nagging at me. It was this 31 Flavors sort of feeling. You know? Like the Ice Cream place I should probably not name for fear of being sued. That place.

Because one of the groups the bill includes is Gender Identity. And a few years back Facebook got a lot of snickers over offering 71 flavors of Identity. People scoffed, snickered, and mostly said “What in the hell is that? I’ve never heard of that!” And come on! There are only two genders, right? Nope.


The Genius of Gender.

Genus: (noun) kind, birth, race, class, gender, type, sort, genre, style, variety… you get the picture. Gender comes from the Latin word Genus. Which is not specifically referring to biological sex. Grammar wise we have 3 ish. Masculine, Feminine, Neuter (Common is the fourth). But when it comes to biological sex? We only have two (okay three) to choose from.

Quick recap. Biological Sex? Two. Gender? Plethora of choices.

Yet why do I care what Gender you identify as? How in the world could your choice impact me?


Individual vs Society.


Just before same-sex marriage became the law of the land in 2015, there was a lot of hubbub about silly things like wedding cakes and pizza deliveries from places that don’t cater gay weddings, much less cater weddings (or other events) at all. There were court challenges, screaming all over social media, even so far as to taking the issue to the Supreme Court. All of this centered around one point. Whose Rights were more important?

Good questions were asked concerning Rights, with very few serious discussions, instead of discussions that asked a lot of soul-searching questions?  Most of the real issues on Rights fell flat because screaming matches are far more entertaining, and sell more advertising dollars.

Most of those questions are settled now. Same-sex  couples should not be denied the basic rights afforded to opposite-sex couples. You know, we stopped being assholes to other people. And the best part? The world did not end when this became the law of the land.

So, the world won’t end either if we pass H.R.5 Equality Act of 2019 either right? No, it won’t.


Then what the heck is nagging at me about this whole thing?


It wasn’t the equality part. I believe we are all equal under the law. Even if sadly, this isn’t the case, because injustice still abounds, we strive for this and fight for equal treatment under the law. And there is the rub. If you can choose your gender identity, and it has the full weight of the law behind it, aren’t you circumnavigate the laws?

I can not join a women’s only gym. But if the law is passed? Yes I can. And you can’t stop me because I have the law on my side.

If I wanted to compete in a women’s triathlon? Well I couldn’t do that! I’m in terrible shape! But others could, and once again the law would be on their side.

Then again, a woman can join a men’s clubs, maybe the Knights of Columbus, or Masons. Traditionally male clubs. Because the law would say you can choose your gender identity, and organizations must comply with the law. The distinction between male and female, such an archaic idea, would vanish with the stroke of a pen, and you can be whatever you want to be. Well, gender wise.

And while to many, especially the LGBT community, who find the basic idea that biological sex should not matter anymore? They miss the larger point. That with the passage of this law, the roles of male and female end. Gone forever, and the march toward an androgynous society would end other’s rights. Who cares about the feminist movement and everything they have accomplished! They are passé.

Do you want a good example? Here’s one for you. President Donald J. Trump signs the Equality Bill of 2019 later this year. Then, in a bold stroke, changes his gender identity to Female. Thus gaining popularity and being re-elected to a second term, as the first Woman President.


Gender Identity is the Flat Earth Society.


There actually is a Flat Earth Society. With actual members who believe the Earth is flat and the rest of us are deluded and have been conned by people like Magellan. Pictures from space have something to do with wide-angle lenses, and well, it’s a myth folks, cats be damned, the Earth is flat.


Actually it is spherical.


No matter what you assert your gender identity is, biologically? Humans have two choices (with a third popping up with that involves medical conditions). If you take away this basic distinction, you have created a society that is genderless, and take away any uniqueness of that individual. No more First Man on The Moon, or First Woman President, just a person. An equal to the masses, a comrade.

And isn’t what this is all about? I seriously doubt the LGBT community are pushing Gender Identity for Socialist reasons. I believe that they truly think this is a point on equality. I don’t fault most of the community. Just those who know exactly how this would turn out. That with the biological distinction gone? It is so much easier to unity under their banner. Because where else would they go?

If gender is decided by the individual choice, and not by a social norm (perceived as much as it is) with the law demanding you follow of those 71 flavors, then we have reached the point of a Flat Earth. Reality is subject to perception, and tossing everyone in a blender would destroy individualism.

Consider this. Identity Politics is the principle of taking groups, be they ethnic, sex, race, and religious, and making them out to be more important than the whole of the group.

Say for example, an ethnic freshman congresswoman opinion is valued more than standard opinions of longer serving congress members just because of her sex and ethnicity. She is a minority of her parties values, yet the loudest voice and more exposure than her seasoned peers. Thus we value her opinion more. The majority opinions are moot. It is a divide and conquer formula on steroids.

Once Gender Identity is fluid? And Polygenderism is the new norm? Those voices of the vocal minority will mean nothing. That would be a good thing, except those Identity Politic voices? The ones that created the vocal minorities?  They created the Polygenderism monster. And now they can’t control it.

And that is what happened. The Democratic party created the Identity Politics ideology, and has used this theme to further their goal of running the government. Sure, fine, it was a smart political move. And let’s face it, power is the ultimate goal here for both political parties.

If you think that Gender Identity is where it will end, you are mistaken. Because after Gender Identity is the law of the land? Racial and Ethnic identity will be next. It has already begun. Senator Elizabeth Warren? (which on her part, was probably an oops!) Has been accused of Cultural Appropriation of Native Americans. I think it was an honest mistake, but the clean-up on this was sloppy.

But the case of Rachel Dolezal? A white woman who identified as black? And ran a chapter of the NAACP? That is the future. Where nothing makes you a real individual, because you identify as you wish.

Rachel Dolezal is the future, because she decided, that despite the biological fact of her being a white woman? She would be black. And took that leadership position of that NAACP chapter away from a black person.

With Gender Identity, Polygenderism, you lose. Not just your gender (as in male and female) or your race, or your ethnicity, but eventually your Self. Becoming a cog in the wheel of society that serves the government. Because giving up your Self to the government? Is never a good idea. Might as well sail off the end of the Earth.



[The opinions expressed in this blog are the authors alone. At no time did the little voices in my head tell me what to write. But they did suggest most of it. The author wants to express his support for LGBT Rights. We are all human folks, and should be treated as such. The questions raised by the author are concerning the legal (thus social) ramifications of H.R.5 Equality Act of 2019 on our society, and the impacts of the trend toward socialism. How we navigate conflicting Rights will be a challenge of the 21st century.]






Corporate GREED is ruining America.

Posted on March 30, 2019

Or Stupidity, depending on your perspective.



Refrigerators are getting smarter, and expensive. / Photo by The Opinant.


Capitalist are a greedy bunch. All they care about is making a buck, sticking to the little guy, and buying $40 Million yachts so they can sail around the world tossing plastic bags into the Ocean to kill poor Sea Turtles. (because Rich People are also mean.)

Lets face it, nobody likes Rich people. Well, unless you are a rich person, then you point at other rich people and tell everyone they are the greedy ones. But you? You are the nice sort of rich person. That other guy is mean. He hates Sea Turtles.

About 99.9% of all rich people have dealing with Big Pharm, Big Oil, and Tobacco companies. You know, 401K plans. They are an evil lot who sit in boardrooms and decide the fate of the world, laughing at Climate Change and probably have pet rattlesnakes sitting on their laps as they come up with ideas to suck the life savings out of the little guy. Oh, they smoke cigars. The expensive kind, White Owls.

Beyond the Rich Reptilian Overlords are their myriad of companies they keep a watch on. They scrutinize every payment, every receipt, every second of overtime, and mostly? What color of socks you are wearing that day. Because if most of their workers are wearing white tube socks with red stripes? That might mean a trend is coming, and they will gladly shell out billions into Jon’s Red Striped Tube Sock company stocks.

Never let a profit go to waste.

In reality? Rich people, and their corporations do not work that way. Well, maybe the rattlesnakes, but no. They aren’t like that at all.


What motivates Corporate Greed.


Money. Because in reality? If you are in business? You need to make money. If you don’t? You are not in business for long. Profit from your business will help you keep up with changing markets for your product, let you expand into new markets, and buy equipment, hire workers, yada yada yada. You get the picture. If you don’t earn a profit, you will die as a business.

This form of capitalism is as old as it gets. When cave men traded neat looking arrowheads for those cool looking beads. Not much has changed. Trade arrowheads that chip too easily, or can’t be put on the end of spear? You might as well kiss those cool beads goodbye.

While a free market system has a fair amount of good to it, there is also some bad. Earl over there may sell knock off arrowheads, and Clem make sell fake beads…because he has discovered plastic! We see this a lot nowadays. And since we do? Competition has become a Blood sport.


Lets motivate our workers!


One way of getting ahead in the dog eat frog (because dogs don’t eat dogs folks) world of Corporate Capitalism is to keep your workers motivated. Have your managers offer workers incentives to produce better products, give ideas on how to save the company money, find ways to cut costs. And if you do? We will give you, the manager, a bonus.

Uh oh.

Enter the stupidity. Modern companies have come a long ways from arrowheads and bead trade. They compete on a global scale, have a mountain of government regulations to slog through, feel the ever pressing pinch of tighter and tighter profit margins. And they need those profits desperately to survive in this world. Because corporate profits make investors happy, and happy investors are the life blood of corporate America.

One incentive companies offer management is bonuses for cost savings. While on the surface this sounds like a sound practice, it isn’t. Companies are oblivious to human nature, and people, not corporations, are greedy. (Well, they don’t mind a few extra bucks in their bank accounts after it is all said and done sort of greedy.)

So, this practice has led to cutting costs at all costs. If you are going to get a $2000 bonus for saving the company $20,000 that fiscal year? You are definitely going to find something to cut. Trim a little here, a little there and Voila! You now have that $2000 bonus and can take your wife (husband) and kids to Disney World. Or at least to the local water park and then get yourself those new golf clubs you’ve been eyeing.

Yet when you’re done saving the company money, you may find those under you are grumbling a lot. See, to save that money you let the machine that needs to be upgrade get by with cheap repairs. You also took away their steel-toed boots allowance and now their feet hurt, some of the workers have taken to wearing sneakers, but you ignore that little OSHA problem because it saves money. You skipped out on the pest control guy contract, and now you have to borrow the CEO’s pet rattlesnake to take care of the rat problem. The cost cutting was a wonderful idea, but the lure of easy money was just too tempting. Oh and by the way? No need for snow removal, Spring will take care of that pesky snow problem.


We choose the Best and Brightest to run our company. And they are cheap too!


You could also save money by not promoting Stan. Stan has been with the company for 10 years now, he’s about mid-grade in pay. Very knowledgeable and the workers like him. He will pull the team together, but you are going to have to bump up his pay, and well, he makes good money now.

Better option, hire a kid out of Business College that has absolutely no practical experience in the work place and put him in charge. Everybody will hate his guts, they will slow down production, some may leave for other jobs, and eventually you won’t have any experienced workers in the plant. Yet the kid was cheap. Less pay than Stan was making. Good idea, and hiring the kid over Stan? Well that saved the company $20,000! Woo hoo! Disney World here we come!

And since the kid came up with the idea of Spring snow removal? We can just give Stan an early retirement, save the company money. We can hire two inexperienced workers who will cost the company thousands in lost production and damaged equipment but for the price of one Stan! Wonderful idea!

Has anyone seen the CEO’s rattlesnake?


Of course you could just use the Damn Lie.


There are 3 types of lies. Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics. I would add political promises, but lets stay on topic. Statistics work, but if you know anything about statistics you know they can be fudged.

If you can’t save money by borrowing the CEO’s rattlesnake, nor replacing Stan with the kid fresh out of college, you can just tweak the numbers. It’s not lying…well not really. Just a little percent here, and a little percent there, and you have met your numbers for the quarter. Four quarters equal a fiscal year, and if done with flair and a sense of hard work? You will receive that little extra something at the end of the year. Because we all know, the numbers matter most of all. Especially to Investors.


We are killing ourselves by these practices.


Ultimately, these practices of rewarding errant behavior will come back to haunt us. We are stuffing our corporations with middle-managers that have not a speck of practical experience. In a few years, those middle-managers will become the top managers. Then things will really go to hell in a handbasket. But, the metrics will look good, and the middle-manager will have saved the corporation some $150,000 on handbasket’s, so it will all work out okay.

While a company must make a profit to survive, making a profit only for the purpose of making a profit is not capitalism. In reality it is a form of bureaucracy which in turn leads itself to socialist views. Those managers, and middle-managers, work in concert to keep this pyramid scheme of bonus related cost savings going. They pump up employees with good feeling ideologies, buzzwords, and equality for all speeches and actions. Stan? The mid-grade pay employee who got passed over for the college kid? We can’t have him working here, because we just can’t have these stand out Stan’s making everyone else look bad. So, it was a good move to hire the college kid. Better idea to retire Stan and replace him with two inexperienced workers.

Corporations have turned a blind eye to the weaknesses of the system that they helped create, and when the poop hits the rotating oscillator? Well now, there are always workers to take the fall. Because managers can use the workers metrics, fall back on individual statistics that didn’t meet the required piece rate. And that worker who acts too much like Stan? The one that wants to stand out and show you (s)he’s got what it takes? Yeah, them! Get rid of them! Because conformity is the new norm. Individuality, dedication, and perseverance be damned.

Then again, that worker didn’t read the handbook. Especially chapter 2, paragraph 4, subsection ii in the handbook. The part says ‘Blame the Worker for a Nice Fat Bonus’. 



[The Opinions expressed in this blog are for entertainment purposes only. No corporation nor greedy rich person was harmed in the making of this blog. Do not feed Sea Turtles plastic bags. RECYCLE PLASTIC BAGS. Also, despite my assertion, CEO’s do not keep pet rattlesnakes. Well, none that I know of. ]