Well, it is official, Joe Biden is the President-elect, so says the Media. It is also a reality that President Trump has a really steep hill to climb in order to overturn the projections. Anything can happen, and to say that Trump is completely out? That would be a little premature.

But if you watch the mainstream news, Trump has lost, Biden is President-elect and will be anointed savior of the Nation, probably the World. The idea that this election might even be slightly contested? Laughable. That maybe recounts might change the outcome? Oh come on! And if you raise the specter that the tabulator machines might be compromised? You are just dreaming! THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG HERE…move along, nothing to see here.

Honestly? That may be the case. Many of these odd votes, as in dead people voting, other irregularities, may just be human error. Human imagination, and jumping to early conclusions. It is not out of the question in these highly partisan times. When the electorate is split nearly 50/50, people are bound to be jumpy, seeing cheating where none exist, imagining the worst in the other side.

Since we just endured four years of partisan bickering, why wouldn’t the election be the same?

So, to many in this Nation, at least 77 million, Joe Biden is President-elect. Just before the election, people weren’t too sure. Some businesses boarded up their stores in case there were riots. Colleges gave out warnings to faculty and students. People were prepared for the backlash if Trump won. But, he didn’t, so the protest were few, and mostly peaceful. Biden was going to be the 46th President, no worries.

This belief has been hammered into American’s since November 6th. Then Biden claimed victory. Now everyone is assured, Biden has won. Well, at least in the public eye. Definitely in the eyes of the news media. Yet in truth? No, not really. Till the Electors cast their votes, who is President-elect remains to be seen. Remember 2016? The questions about electors changing their votes to Clinton? Also there are questions on how the State’s own legislators are going to handle the election. There are questions, questions that are being ignored by the mainstream news. This “Ban” is not helping anyone, it is only fueling belief in one side of our two sided equation.

So, come December, if it is found out that Trump won re-election. What happens then? We have had nearly a month where the media, the Biden campaign, even world leaders have declared Joe Biden President-elect. And suddenly that all comes crashing down with the reality that Trump won. What will happen then? Chaos of course. How could it not be?

Politics is the art of persuasion. Yet it is also the art of perception. As of this writing, Joe Biden is well on his way to being the next President in the nations eyes. Those who are on the Joe Biden side of the equation believe nothing less, and if that was dashed in front of them? Faith in our system would be shaken to the core. Just as bad as it would be if it were proven there was election tampering.

The culprit here is the media. They prematurely called the election for Biden, and they are ignoring anything that disrupts that narrative. Honestly they are betting. Hoping they are right, and nothing will come of Trumps flailing arms. Yet, if not, if Trump wins? After the dust settles, there will be a reckoning, and the media will have lost more than its credibility, it will have lost its very purpose to exist.

[The opinions in this blog are the authors alone. Opinions, as you know, can be very lonely.]