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We should clear the air about Absentee Ballots. They are a safe, reliable, and a great way to vote without the hassle of waiting in long lines for hours on end.

There really is little wiggle room for absentee ballots to go wrong. It happens of course, life isn’t perfect, and many voices  have been compounding those glitches by fearmongering. Yet absentee ballots are a safe alternative for those who will be unable to go to the polling stations.

It’s rather easy actually, you request an absentee ballot from your local Election Committee (Board), they will send you a ballot (or you can pick it up) you cast your vote, and mail it back (or delivery it in person). Easy peasy.

Yes, there are time constraints (Deadlines), there are different regulations per each State, and those need to be followed. This ensures fairness and accuracy.


So, why are so many against it?


Well, some think fraud is easier with mail in absentee ballots. Others worry about accuracy in addresses, whether or not doubles will be mailed out, or if some nefarious group will ‘lose’ or ‘find’ ballots to shift the election.

It can happen, this is unlikely, but it can happen. Yet since you requested the ballot in the first place, all the safeguards are in place. They checked your voter registration, verified your address, and mailed off the ballot to you.


Let’s move the goalpost shall we?


Now comes Covid–19, the Pandemic of the century…we hope…and everyone suddenly has cooties. What to do? Well, California, Nevada and Michigan have a solution.  Absentee Ballots. Sounds logical right? I think so. We are in a pandemic, you want to minimize your contacts, avoid the cooties, and well, let’s vote from home!

But the Bad Orange Man is upset, twitter ranting away, threating non-existent legal action, just having a fit. Why?

It could be that these three States, with (okay, certainly) more to follow, took out one equation to the absentee ballot solution. A very critical one, these absentee were not requested, but just sent out. Sent out to everyone on their registration list.

And you have to wonder why they would do such a thing. Was this move out of generosity? A way to ease the minds of million of voters who may, shy away from polling places come November because of pandemic fears? And while the requesting of the absentee form is a tried and true method with little fraud, and verifiable accuracy. This mass mailing? Not so much. People move, people die, records are not always kept up to date, etc. This could lead to votes being missed, or being counted that shouldn’t be. This bothers Trump, but it really is unlikely these little hiccups with mass absentee ballots will sway a National Election. Very unlikely. Local? State? Even Congressional? Maybe. Presidential? Unlikely.

But what if you moved the goalposts? What if this mass absentee ballot voting was your only way to vote. And surprise, surprise, you don’t find this out until late October?

Because despite Trump’s blubber over the absentee voting system, and the concern from Democratically run States for your wellbeing, the real fraud might have to wait until this Fall.

Statistically, Democrats favor voting by mail by 22%. (electionupdates.caltech.edu) which means more Democrat votes will be cast by mail than Republican. Republicans tend to like the in-person voting method.

This November, with concerns of a second wave of Covid-19, those ‘mail-in’ ballot States may suspend in-person voting due to health concerns. That move, above all others, will skew the election. You just effectively, legally, disenfranchised a huge voting block.

Considering California has 55 Electoral votes, Nevada at 6 and Michigan at 10. And if more States follow, say, New York (29), Illinois (20) and Minnesota (10) the chances for Trump to win re-election are gone.

Whether these States purposely decided to pull a fast one come this Fall, or if it is in the back of their mind, either way, this is skewing the election. Legal Fraud.

This moving the goalposts path to victory on the Democratic party could lead to Real Constitutional Crisis, one that may plunge our Nation into a political nightmare that we will never wake from.

And of course, we’ll still have the cooties with us.



[The opinions expressed in this blog are strictly from the twisted mind of the author. No bees were harmed in the writing of this blog. Cooties are evil, and really annoying. Wear a mask, wash your hands, be safe.]