If the internet has taught us anything, it is everyone has a Theory. Some of those theories quickly slip into the realm of Conspiracies. Here are some of my favorites.


1.) There really isn’t a Pandemic, this is just a bad flu, and it has been around since last Fall. 

KNOWN: Covid-19 is a pandemic. It is world wide, and has nearly topped 1 million cases. With some 45,000 deaths. The Flu, which is seasonal, and came in the Fall (October 1st 2019 as the start point) Has infected some 38-54 million worldwide. Causing some 24-62 thousand deaths worldwide according to the CDC website. [cdc.gov]

This year the B strain, made an early appearence, and this strain has gone after children. Many kids were out this Fall and early Winter due to the Flu. It was this strain of the Flu, not Covid-19 that caused many to be sick. Covid-19 wouldn’t make an appearance until December 1st, 2019, in China. If you remember, Covid-19 first went after the elderly (60-80+ age range), and has slightly impacted children, even though anyone can get it. And depending upon underling health issues. [ourworldindata.org]

2.) The media is hyping up the cases, and over exaggerating the shortages of PPE, ventilators, and ICU beds. Hospitals aren’t overrun.

KNOWN: Shortages of PPE and ventilators come from supply and demand. The Just In Time model and the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in. Many are surprized that we don’t have warehouses full of these things ready to go in case of a pandemic. Yet in reality, that wouldn’t would wise or prudent. As all things, PPE and ventilators age. Keeping ventilators in a storage room for 10 years and bringing them out in a crisis? You may find that  technology has moved on and the ventilators are basically useless. PPE would be the same. These are sterile items that can’t sit on a shelf forever.

ICU beds are not that plentiful. They are designed for short stays, and not for weeks on end. Many hospitals have rooms, not whole floors, dedicated for ICU. Consider that our Medical-Surgical Intensive Care beds only number 55,663. [aha.org] in the country. Some hospitals have none, because they don’t do Critical Care patients. You may run into a hospital with 30 such ICU beds, or one with only 5. This disproportionate availability cause some hospitals to be overwhelmed, others to see only a minor influx.

This is why some hospitals are being seen as ‘quiet’ and others are ‘frantic’. A Covid-19 patient may be directed to another hospital because doctors feel they would get better care there.

3.) This is a biological weapon, unleashed by the Chinese to destroy us. And the Government is using this crisis to take away our liberties.

KNOWN: As best as our virologist can tell, Covid-19 is a naturally evolving virus. None of the tale-tell markers of genetically splicing to create a biological weapon are present in the virus. This doesn’t mean that the virus wasn’t being studied at a lab and got out on accident. Finding hard facts on that scenario will be impossible. The Chinese government did certainly fumble on taking this virus serious, yet many government did too. Human error, and hubris, played a big part in the spread of Covid-19.

If this was a biological attack from the Chinese Government, and it was known fact, what do you think the logical conclusion would be to such an attack? War. Do you think the Chinese Government know this? Of course they do, and they know we would be forced to respond.

To break the spread of Covid-19, many governments have issued various styles of quarantines. Closing down everything from Schools to Small Businesses. And in the United States, yes, some Congress members are calling for Government control of various industries, and for the government to pay everyone to stay home, and all sorts of ‘Socialist’ ideas. Yet those who have called for these measures, Alexandria Ocasta-Cortez and Illan Omar, to name the most prominent, have been calling for these measures prior to the pandemic. There is no reason to think the pandemic was going to change their beliefs.

And yes, some governors have let their partisan views slip into the quarantine. Closing down Gun shops and Medical facilities that preform abortions. Pork was added to the stimulus bill, and finger pointing from both sides continue. Yet these issues alone, do not show the Federal Government is trying to overthrow the American People’s will. It shows that even in a Pandemic, politicians are still politicians.

4.) Something is just wrong with this whole situation, don’t you think so? Things aren’t adding up, and I think something, or someone, is behind it all. 

KNOWN: Exactly! Because right now, if you are like most of the nation, you are stuck mostly at home. Limited to how much you can go out and socialize. The daily pattern of our lives has been interrupted, and this is disconcerting.

Isolation does funny things to people. Humans are a gregarious lot, we like to congregate and interact. Doing that now puts ourselves and others at risk. Isolation also brings on anxiety, depression. Nothing in the current situation feels right, because it is outside our normal lives.

This paranoia comes from our feeling of being out of control of the situation. Humans like to be in control, to know what is going on and to feel they can do something about it all. Pandemics negate our control, and the feelings of something is wrong are exacerbated.

The conflicting information from the Administration, healthcare professionals, and the media do not help. This seemly disorganized response comes from several factors. The pandemic is ongoing, the virus is new, data is slow to come in and projection models change rapidly. Testing causes wild jump in numbers, and the unknown? It’s scary.

We feel this wrongness because we lack control of the situation, and unlike smaller events that happen to individuals, being a pandemic, the feeling is magnified.



[The Author is responsible for the content of this blog. This is an opinion piece, and in no way is to confer Medical advice, nor psychological advice, and is purely for entertainment purposes only. Where statitics and data are used, that information is noted in paragraph. Wash your Hands.]