I’ve noticed something about the new socialist on Twitter. They don’t know what socialism is. They think they do. But sadly, they don’t.

Socialism to them is this hip new idea that magically makes everyone equal. Don’t ask them what ‘Equal’ means because they don’t know what that means either.

But in the Socialist Utopia that is to come. The Wealthy 1% will pay for everyone’s dreams. Corporations will cease to exist in favor government run co-ops and Healthcare will fix everything from the Coronavirus to Shingles. You will have a house, you will have a starter job paying you $22 an hour. And oh, anything you want to learn? College for Free.

Honestly, it’s not a bad world. Sounds great. And of course, we already have socialist institutions in the United States, so there you go. The government hasn’t collapsed into anarchy because we have adopted these socialist programs. So, we can add more right? Expand upon our current socialist programs. Right?

Fine, but those programs? They aren’t socialist in nature. Sure they benefit people, but honestly? They benefit the Capitalist Merchants first and foremost. These programs were put in place to help everyone, they were put in place to protect, or add incentives, to open markets for Merchants. You know, Capitalist.

Police Departments, Fire Departments, Water Departments, Roads and Bridges, Railroads, airports and shipyards, all these exist because of Capitalism. They were created, in one way or the other, to enhance trade and commerce.

If you have a business? You don’t want riots in the streets that could damage your building. You don’t want it to burn down. You’ll need reliable water for the fire department and for your business. If you have a muddy road in front of your business, but your competitor had a brick road? You’ll lose business and probably move elsewhere. Rail access became important, faster to transport your goods. Same with Airports and shipyards. The Public Services? Weren’t built just because it was a ‘nice idea at the time’. They were built or came into being to serve Merchants. Towns and Cities saw the importance of these services for their merchants, and so they funded them.

If you want to say Social Security is a perfect example? Not really. A good example, yes. But FDR was as much as a socialist as Ronald Reagan was. Social Security gave retirement monies at a time when Ma & Pa were living at home and couldn’t provide for themselves. That money helped families and allowed families to buy more goods and services. Okay, yes, Social Security did pay people who didn’t work anymore. And the money came from taxation. Yet government giveaways to benefit the general public aren’t necessary socialism. If so, explain why Roman Emperor’s gave out bread and coins to the public. Not really the model of Socialism, those dastardly Romans.

When socialism does take hold of a government, it only brings about a short term prosperity. Like using one, 2 liter of pop, for a group of teenagers. Sure, they all get a good taste at first, but when it comes to round two, either some get more, others none. Or all get a little. Eventually, you run out of other peoples 2 liters.

Resources under socialism naturally grow tight. Free education is offered, but only on those subjects that the government approves of. What? Do you think Soviet College students were learning how to run a successful business? Or the value of entrepreneurship? Those classes weren’t offered. Or offered behind the college and against the bullet riddled wall.

Everyone had a job in the U.S.S.R., but that could mean 5 people working the same job, that was originally meant for 1 person to do. Either you would take turns, or one guy is working while the others goof off. Not sure where that rates on your idea of Equality, but I doubt it rates high.

The concept is that government programs, government housing and healthcare, will make life easier. Maybe. But when you ask others to take care of you? Well you have to accept what they offer. Your choices become limited, if non-existent. Remember the breadline stories of the old Soviet Union? The reason they exist is because only one manufacture was making the bread and only one place distributing the bread. If they were out of bread? You couldn’t go across the street to the other store. That store didn’t exist.


So, no Twitterverse. These programs and services are not the socialism you laud by saying ‘we have socialism already’, these programs were created by capitalists, to enable businesses to meet their needs. Nothing to do with socialism at all.


[The opinions expressed here are the authors and authors alone. Links were not provided because it really wouldn’t help. Socialist just think the internet is just another case of Capitalist Oppression. Also, it would do you some good to do your own research.]