A little note to the Climate Alarmist Movement. And why we didn’t shoot all the horses when the Model T rolled out.



Due to Climate Change, Gingerbread men will mutate into Ginger Cthulhu’s. / Photo by The Opinant.


My Twitter discussion started with an NBC article. The article purported that Hurricane’s are more damaging now than they were 100 years ago. You know, back when satellites where powered by horses, and getting them into orbit involved ginormous sling shots.

I had to reply. My reply had to be snarky. Because the idiocy of the article demanded it. An apples to avocados comparison.

One major problem with the Climate Change Alarmist Culture is depending upon historical data and turning it into scientific data. It’s a wonderful idea, but it just doesn’t quite work out the way you like. Like Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe baking a soufflé, it’s a lovely thought, but the results just aren’t going to cut it. Scientist are notorious for doing this. That’s why scientific views change over time. Usually, for the better.

My snark didn’t sit well with one Tweeter. And we engaged in a robust back and forth. I thoroughly enjoyed it, because I am weird and like other points of view. Now, the Tweeter did not call themselves an Alarmist, yet they have empathy for them.

I do not. I think they make Climate Change look stupid, and fuel people into thinking it is a pseudoscience.

Here’s the deal. Anthropological Global Warming is real. Used to be called Global Warming, which is a misnomer. Now called Climate Change, which is a bigger misnomer.

The biggest mistake Climate Change Alarmist make is assuming that all the evils in the world revolve around Carbon Dioxide and the fossil fuels that create it. They have used historical data to show the errant rise of CO2 levels, correlated this with the rise of industry, and voilà! Demand we give up fossil fuels to save the planet.


Note to Alarmist. Earth was hit by a big f’ing space rock some 65,000,000 years ago and is still here. So is life. Chill.


The problem with their logic, and those scientific facts that are pushing their logic, is that it isn’t logical. Nor historically accurate. Humans have been altering the Earth for tens of thousands of years. Mostly, for our betterment.

Humans, like many species that exist (and used to exist) on this planet, manipulate their environment to better suit themselves. We just happen to be very good at it. And during this time, we have altered our planets atmospheric make up. Can’t say that is a good thing, but honestly? We really don’t know how bad it is either.

Yet you are told the temperatures are rising, the ice is melting, the sea levels will wash away cities, and well, we are going extinct, like in 12 years, maybe 50, tops. AOC and Greta concur, we are toast.

No we aren’t. Well…maybe, but certainly not by Climate Change. Anti-vaxxers have a better chance, than Climate Change, in wiping out humanity.

However, we might just go extinct due to stupidity, because ditching fossil fuels? That is just stupid. When the Model T rolled off of production lines, no one thought they should shoot all the horses. Sure, the horse was going to be replaced, but let’s not go crazy here.

Fossil fuels will not be the end of us. They will probably save us. For one, to build electric cars, put up solar panels, move wind turbines, you are going to have to use fossil fuels.

If we need to relocate people away from the coastlines, or build barriers to prevent coastal flooding, it will be much more easier with fossil fuels, rather than waiting for the sun to come up to drive our solar powered earthmovers.


Fossil fuels will also create the great Dome Cities we will live in when the air is toxic, and fossil fuels will also power the lasers to blast anyone over 30 years of age into smithereens. Okay, so maybe not, but that would be a great 70’s movie wouldn’t it? 


In truth, the biggest problem with Alarmist is they have Chicken Little Syndrome. They scream Fossil Fuel Bad and propose solutions that are scientifically and financially unattainable, all the while feeling good about telling you what a rotten person you are for flying in an airplane. Then they cheer a 16 girl who sails around the world in a boat that to build it? Probably produced enough CO2 in its manufacturing that it could feed a mini rainforest.

They believe we can use solar and wind to solve all of our energy ills, while shirking Nuclear power that real could solve all our energy ills.

Yet the biggest fault in all their logic? Fossil Fuels themselves. While touting the greedy oil companies for knowing years ago that fossil fuels would increase CO2 levels, they missed the point that back when the reports came out? Most in the industry were warning of the end of fossil fuels. That resources were drying up, and soon? The world would be without oil.

Why didn’t that happen? Because human ingenuity found other ways to extract oil. Exploration techniques became better, and we learned to conserve our usage by being more efficient in our use of fossil fuels.

We solved the shortage problem not by abandoning what had worked, but by improving upon ways that did work. Ending fossil fuels now? That is a sure path to extinction.




[The opinions expressed in this blog come from the mind of Cthulhu, who is channeling his dark thoughts into my mind right this very minute. Cthulhu has stock in Oil Companies, and wants to see fossil fuels used in abundance so that life on Earth will be choked out. This will finally give Cthulhu time to watch his favorite Netflix programs in peace. Without all that Climate Change yapping. – Or this could all be in my head. – jsk]