This is a picture of a slug on a Hosta leaf. It has absolutely nothing to do with this article, but I thought it looked cool. / Photo by The Opinant.


I like free stuff, don’t you? If I am walking through a store and they are offering samples, I do sample. Especially cheese.

Seems that free stuff is the trend nowadays. Free Healthcare, free College, free housing, free…well about everything. It is the promise of the Democratic-Socialist and the Democratic candidates (barring a couple).

Of course they don’t really mean it is free, what they mean is they are going to take from others to make it free for you. You can go to college and get that degree in Holistic Underwater Basket Weaving and it will be paid for by those rich jerks. And as we all know, Holistic Underwater Basket Weavers are in high demand.

They want to make sure you are set in life. That you have no worries, that everything will be okay because they are going to take care of you. Screw the rich guys, they are evil and just want to use you. Corporations, those soulless entities that aren’t made up of people, just Boards of Directors…who must not be real people, or so I’ve heard.

Of course this free stuff comes with a small price to you. Choice. Because if we have free healthcare, you really aren’t going to be able to pick your own doctor, not even a PPO. You will be assigned a doctor, and a college, and housing. You may find out, down the road, that you will even be assigned an occupation, of the government’s choosing. Because the need for Holistic Underwater Basket Weavers is in demand, even if such an occupation doesn’t exist. No worries, they will create the job, Employment For All!, is their motto.

You see, that’s what socialist do. They assign people to things, to make it work. They don’t need the gears of capitalism to drive the economy or workforce, the government becomes the economy and your boss. You’ll have to play along, or you will find yourself on the outs. By outs I mean the American version of a Gulag.

Of course, they say socialism will work, take away the evils of a hard-hearten capitalistic society that held down women and minorities. A society that didn’t support your individualism. Because in a socialist society, individualism is key…as long as you fit into one of the government approved categories. And have the proper papers filled out in triplicate.


Free stuff sounds good. But nothing is free. Those samples of cheese I stuffed in my mouth? Well, I like it. So I bought a block for $5.99. Gift baskets, giveaways, keychains and all the little things you get for ‘free’ at Expos, County Fairs and hundreds of little events you may visit in you life? Marketing tools.

Those little bottles of shampoo you shove in your suitcase from the hotel? The cost of those are built in to your room bill. People offer you free things to get you to like their product, to hook you.

Kind of like the Democratic Candidates in this 2020 election. If you just elect them? You will get free stuff. The rich will pay for it. Well, till can’t pay anymore, because there aren’t any left. Remember they told us that Billionaires are bad. Those people who worked their proverbial butts off to achieve that level of success need to be scorned for their wealth. Because who deserves to be a Billionaire? Not sure, but I am sure it is not up to me to judge them, and definitely not up to me to take their hard earned money away.


Now about that air you breath, you know, that free stuff? It’s not. It is created by that tree in your backyard. Through the process of photosynthesis. Taking nutrients and that malicious CO2 with a dash of sunlight to create sugars, and expel O2. And yes, there is more to it than that, but it isn’t free.


Nor is the sunlight.


Some 93 million miles away is an average star that is eating itself alive. Converting hydrogen into helium. Eventually it is going to run out of hydrogen, and well, let’s hope we’ve moved on when that happens. But it isn’t free. Nothing is free.

Socialist will have you believe they can fix your problems. That they can give you free stuff, and life will be good. It won’t, it never has been a successful system, and their promises are always hollow.  They rob Peter to pay Paul, till Peter is broke. Then they start robbing Paul.

Democratic-Socialist are another thing. They ask that you vote them in first. That way it looks better when take your choices away, because you elected them to do just that, right? You said it was okay, because they offered you free stuff.

And everyone likes free stuff.