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Ben Shapiro said it best in a Tweet yesterday. It really depends on your political point of view that determines how you see the transcript of the phone conversation between President Trump, and President Zelensky of the Ukraine. (Why yes, yes I did paraphrase Ben.)

Well, that is if you see the transcript as what was actually said. Because, it wasn’t Verbatim.


Verbatim: in exactly the same words as were used originally.


See, everyone jumped all over that. It was in a tagline that was put on the copy of the transcript released. If you read the tagline in context, you would know it was an ‘out’ for the memo takers. Those four eyed pencil pushing translators that jot down every sigh the two Presidents gave. Those poor buggers who try to hear every little gasp, laugh, and cough. Those guys whom, that tagline? Saves their butts.

Calls, unless recorded (and even then) can never be verbatim. Things get missed by faulty connections, or low voices, or…well everything the tagline said.

But it was worth a few hours of ‘Gotcha!’ tweets.

Then came the nitpicking. Favor became the next hot topic. Because we all know what that means. It means Trump was channeling Vito Corleone, and while there was no mention of any horses head, it was implied of course. That was (and I think, still is) the trending damning confession from the Current Occupant of the White House.


All of these points, the language used, whether the transcript was accurate to the conversation, and the plethora of spins both right and left, left out one thing.


Push. That is the word everyone should have been focusing on. President Zelensky said at a sit down with President Trump at the UN, that there wasn’t any pressure exerted on him to investigate Hunter Biden’s business dealings in the Ukraine. Or, Push, was the word he used.


Why say that? There can’t be any doubt that President Trump is embattled. The news media howls about him every day, all day. He tweets his random thoughts, and has stepped in so much political dog doo that he probably isn’t allow to wear shoes in the White House.

They want to impeach him. Hordes of Democrats and NeverTrumpers just chomping at the bit to find one ‘Ah Ha!’ in his Administration…or tax returns when they finally get them. After a disappoint Russian Collusion Report, calling him a racist, and xenophobic. And lets not forget, Trump wants to watch the world burn as he mocks little Swedish girls. Nothing has stuck to him. People hate him. Probably because nothing is sticking.


We are talking, he stole your ice cream cone hatred. 


So, you are the newly elected President of Ukraine. You need aid, and badly. Russia is using you for a Weapons Testing Fire Range. You seriously don’t know who to trust in your government. Things could go south and quick.

Then the President of the United States, asks you to check into his political rival. Asks for a FAVOR. And you have seen the Godfather, both I and II (But skipped III) so you get what he is talking about. You are not going to say no to him. You need his help, and really? Is it a big deal to take a peek? Maybe ‘pretend’ to look into it? And hopefully get some really cool missile system out of it all? Sure, why not!


Flash forward a couple of months and suddenly this private conversation is going public. Crap! What to do? Well what can you do? Just go with it! Right?


Okay, but why? What political gain do you get from backing up an embattle President? I mean, the guy is probably going to lose in 2020. You know, if you follow everyone but Fox News. And if you back him up, and he loses, or is impeached, then what happens to Ukraine? Wait! What happens to you? Putin coming over with chocolates and flowers?

But, if you say nothing, maybe not back his fabricated story, maybe get ahead of it and give the Democrats what they are drooling over. You…oh well! You would be the favorite of the next Democratic President. You just handed them Trump’s head on a silver bedsheet. You, are the Man!


But instead of this, President Zelensky said he wasn’t Pushed.


So, stick it Favor and Verbatim. Pushed is the word of the day, and the real story behind all this farce.




[The opinions expressed in this blog come from the warped imagination of the author. Who is not Ukrainian. Nor a Russian Bot…well, I don’t think so. And if I am? I don’t know that I am. But if the Matrix is true…]
[Also, no horse was harmed in the writing of this blog. Nor was any President. I did pick on a couple of words, and I am truly sorry for that. Please don’t go back 8 years and check out my Twitter account. Thanks.]
Definition of Verbatim provide by Oxford, via Google.