Pigment color bars are very helpful to be a racist. If you can’t find an exact match? Well, you’re probably a racist.


1.) Everyone is a racist. They just haven’t accepted it yet.

2.) When you find you are losing the argument, call them a racists, they will settle down and leave the argument. You can claim victory over the racist jerk.

3.) All people that fall on the Right Hand of the above scale are inherently racists. They really can’t help it you know. It’s a genetic disorder that will most likely never be fixed.

4.) All people that fall on the Left Hand of the above scale can not be racist. They have the opposite genetic disorder. And yeah, it will most likely never be fixed.

5.) Political viewpoint is a determining factor in racism.

6.) When in doubt, call the other person a racist. It is just easier that way. Listening to other points of view will just cause you to think, possibly agree with them, possible unity, and will help smooth over problematic situations. We can’t have racist pretending they aren’t racist now can we?

7.) If you find yourself in the company of someone who differs in pigmentation from yourself, and you are enjoying their company. STOP! Because you may actually get along with them. Can’t have that, because deep down, however nice they are, they’re a racist.

8.) The best determining factor to detect a racist is to asked then if they completely agree with you. If they don’t? They are a racist.

9.) Never assume that people can change their opinions. That people raised a certain way may, after exposer to different cultures, different peoples, may learn something about themselves and others. If you think people can change, well then…you might be a racist.

10.) Above all else, never assume that people really break down into two categories. Nice People and Assholes. The former can be mean, even nasty. Yet tend to listen and have the ability to change their mind. They learn from their mistakes, have empathy for others, and can accept you as a person, not as a classification.

Assholes are just assholes. Most Racists are Assholes.



[The opinions expressed in this blog come from the vivid (and seriously warped) imagination of the author. Hey folks? Skin color means jack. Yet tossing the racist label about like it is candy at a parade does no one any favors. It demeans the word, and the impact the word has. Racism exists, it is real. And the best way to counter racism is to be Excellent to one another. ]