Adopted in 2010, the Circle D is the official Democratic Party Logo. / Image from Wiki commons.


All is not well in the House of Representatives. Stirrings, murmurs, whispers are circulating the halls, the bathrooms, dare say I? The Gymnasium. The talk is whether to go ahead and Impeach the 45th President, Donald J. Trump for obstructing of justice. To do what is right for the American people, and ultimately, as their civic duty as Representatives.

Unfortunately, that is not how it is going, instead? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and every Cable, Newspaper and News Media outlet is working overtime to shove the impeachment narrative down our throats. Either for or against.

And the outcome of this? Well as Democratic Presidential Candidate Beto O’Rourke said in his speech last night…wait? Did he give a speech last night? You know, I’m not sure. In fact, I haven’t heard much from the Democratic candidates. Oh, except whether they support impeachment or not, but their positions? What they plan to do? Not really out there is it?

Oh, trust me, they have positions. They have ideas, and have made a concerted effort to put them forth. Websites, Facebook Ads, YouTube videos, and as often as they can when the media pays attention to them. But the media is not paying attention to them. Instead? They are focused on Trump, and how to get rid of him.

It is the Democratic Litmus Test. Support impeachment? Or not? Oh? You have a solution to the Healthcare issue? That’s nice, but what is your position on impeachment?

While Republican pundits tease that impeachment will be boon to President Trumps re-election, because of its unpopularity in the public eye, the real problem is that impeachment is sucking all the oxygen away from Democratic candidates. Sapping their strength and leaving them little time to make their case before the American public.

In the Summer of 2020, it is very likely that the Democratic nominee will be confirmed at the convention and most American’s will be asking the same question. How did (s)he get chosen? Why wasn’t ‘such and such’ chosen?

The answer will be, they never had a chance to make their case. Impeachment dominated the Party’s platform and narrative, so they were lost in the shuffle. The selected candidate will then be at a disadvantage, the President will be seen as a victim of a Witch Hunt, and unlike his Democratic rival, will have other things to debate about other than impeachment.

By then, the fickled public will have grown weary of the impeachment proceedings, and will have gone back to worrying about their pocketbooks. The Democratic rival, still stuck with the albatross of the impeachment around their neck, will have to defend their party’s decision, and make a case for themselves. Not a good position to be in.

Right now, the Democratic Party has a dilemma. They don’t like Trump, that is certain. Yet their dilemma is how best to get him out of office, and their candidate in office. Impeachment seems to be the route they have taken. But impeachment has become the narrative and left little or no room for others.

It may rally the base, embolden younger voters, and give Representatives airtime on Media outlets, yet in the end, this narrative leaves the voters little substance.

So, he’s impeached in late 2019, what then? Removal from office by the Senate is unlikely. Trump goes into his re-election with the whole affair behind him. Bringing it up afterwards is not just beating a dead horse, but the horse’s grave. Pointless.

Impeachment in 2020 would tie up Representatives from their own re-election campaigns, not a good thing to do. It would likely lose favor very quickly by those Representatives who are in battleground districts.

Unfortunately, the time to drop the whole issue has come and gone. It has gone too far, for the Democrats to drop it now? Would give President Trump a win on that point alone. To wait until 2021 would be pointless, even if the Democrats picked up enough seats in the Senate for removal, this would only give President Mike Pence time to reshape the Republican party and make the boondoggle of the Clinton Impeachment fallout look like a firecracker next to a nuclear explosion.

The Democrats have a dilemma, they have boxed themselves into a corner with impeachment and have muted the voices of their candidates all in one fell swoop. Extraction from this dilemma, seems unlikely.



[Opinions expressed in the this blog are from the authors vivid imagination. And while he finds this impeachment stuff all good fun, along with the Mueller report, the investigating into who started this whole mess. Whether aliens are really visiting earth and why they stop by for a cup of coffee…He would really like it if the Congress just started to fix the problems we have. Healthcare, Infrastructure, Trade, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and mosquitos. Congress should get to work on mosquitos, they are annoying.]