The marbles Congress has lost. / Photo by The Opinant.


We are wasting precious time here. President Trump must be impeached as soon as possible. If we don’t? We will never have enough time to see Mike Pence give the most boring speech telling us he is ascending to the Presidency with a Heavy Heart.


And that is just sad.


We really need to hear that speech. Then, we need now President Pence, to run for President in 2020 and just get his butt whooped. I am rubbing my hands in anticipation awaiting Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s announcement they are moving forward on Articles of Impeachment.

If this occurs, do you think Hillary Clinton will announce her candidacy? We can only hope.

Of course there is a slight problem with impeachment. It’s just a political formality, the real action happens in the Senate, where the President is put on trial, and if found guilty, removed from office. All hail President Clint…Pence!

The Senate is full of Republicans, and yeah, many don’t like Trump. Mitt Romney for instance. And let’s face it, Mitt should be President, because if anyone looks like a President? It is Mitt. Then again, President Obama looked like a President. And was one.

But unless the Republican Senators can be convinced that the world is going to end in 12 years due to Climate Change…and I have heard rumors they do have the intelligence of Sea Sponges, just the good sense not to talk like them…the chances of a guilty vote? Eh, not happening. Can we change the Electoral College or something? A voting app maybe?


But that shouldn’t be a reason not to impeach. Impeachments are a wonderful waste of Taxpayers monies, and they buy time for your parties candidates, when they really don’t have any new ideas to run on. So, we should start this ball rolling tomorrow.

In the past, impeachments have worked out so well, as in the case of Andrew Johnson which lead to his…okay, scratch that.

Then off course Bill Clinton who was tried in the Senate and…yeah, let’s pretend that didn’t happen, okay?

But now? We know it will work! Just like we know Socialism will work! (Ask Bernie)

This time? Impeachment is going to work!

So let’s give it a try! Get him out of office before he turns around the economy. Let’s not let him negotiate better trade deals from China…who, I think, sold me a defect phone, because my phone randomly keeps taking pictures of military installations I pass by them on the highway. And just think of all those wars he didn’t get us into! This guy? Yeah, he has got to go.

So, for the crime of not colluding with Russians, and not really obstructing an investigation into a crime he did not commit? Yeah, Impeach him now!



[The opinions expressed in this blog are from the authors vivid imagination. Which unfortunately tried to obstruct my original blog about Impeachment and were themselves, impeached. Now I have no recollection of the past three days, and am sure it was not alcohol related. Might have something to do with those brownies I ate. Or not, don’t know.]