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I came to a realization the other day. I can’t keep up. I try, mostly in that gray matter between my ears. I see an article, or hear a story on the radio, occasionally catch a news program and say to myself “Well, that would be fun to blog about!”

But of course I have a life, I have kids, a home, some blonde Irish chick that tells me what to do about my life, kids, and home. And when I find that moment to sit in front of my laptop? The moment is gone. That thing I wanted to opine about? Not important anymore.


It’s a fast pace world out there my friends.


In our multi-media world, the news comes at us in every increasing cycles. Worse than the Alien invaders cycling down the final countdown in Independence Day. And the results are nearly the same. Well…figuratively.

And I wondered? How do the professionals keep up? Personally I know that I am tar putty spatula of the tool shed, and most of these opinion pieces are written by the scythes hanging on the tool shed’s walls, but still? How can they keep on top of it all? And as the sponges to their endless messes of opinions and news how do we absorb it all?

Well, we don’t. And honestly? They don’t either. Most opinions, and news media stories, which are basically, opinions with a smidgen of facts, try to keep in their lane. They keep a narrow focus on what bothers the hell out of them, and rant about it endlessly. Two cable news networks come to mind.

If you watch CNN then you know that President Trump is an idiot, and that Fox News is bad. If you watch Fox News then President Trump does moronic, but Just, things, and CNN is really bad, in fact, they are fake. A term they borrowed from idiotic, sometimes moronic, but wholly Just President. This is of course, those two cable news networks version of lane changing. Keeping ahead of the rat race of the every changing news cycle.

Let’s be real, taking cheap shots at your opponent isn’t just political. It makes great news. Both networks, doing their best to say they are the Truth of the matter. Which of course, neither one are. Because we all want the truth right? Well, the truth we agree with.

And that is just two cable news networks. The big guys on cable news. Don’t forget about the countless papers, the actual Networks, the other cable news networks, and the plethora of columnist, bloggers, twitter-verse, and opinion givers out there. All who check their lanes, see where the bigger crowd is, then switch lanes to lead the crowd.

And that is where most forget to tie their shoes. They jump on a story, mold it into their point of view, and run like hell to lead the pack. Usually getting their laces stepped on and falling flat on their faces in the process. In the past this used to be a career killer. Write something without checking the facts? Get tossed out of your office with your wilted potted plant thrown at you. Because back then? Getting the story right mattered. It had to. Your reputation depended upon it, and so did your news organization. Now? Well missteps are brushed aside, tossed in the waste pan under your desk and next to your wilted potted plant. You may get a finger wagged in your face, but that is unlikely. Because your boss knows what we all know. The news cycle is just too fast to keep up with anymore. Facts, and checking facts, that takes time. Time used for checking facts is for wussies.

Because the news rat race? Is a fast track. If you miss a story by an hour? You may be relegated to the bottom of page. Find your article is listed in Archives, even though you submitted it a half hour ago. So best to run with it, facts be damned, because after all, they are just a smidgen of the story, right?



[Opinions in this blog took a little time to conceive. So, you may find this article in my archives. Also, this is just my opinion, because that is what I do, write opinions, for the sake of opinions. While you have been reading my little blog, you have missed out on 3 top stories, maybe you missed that Prince Harry now has a son, or that we are sending the USS Abraham Lincoln to the middle east. Or that 1,000,000 species are expected to go extinct according to the United Nations. Then again there is that nasty asteroid impact in NYC that never happened…but it could have happened. Either way, don’t blink, you’ll miss the world.]