Former Vice President Joe Biden. / photo curtesy of


Say it isn’t so Joe…well, he did it. Hoping that the 3rd time is the charm, former Vice President Joe Biden is running, again, for President of the United States of America. A former Senator from Delaware he has had a long distinguished career in the Senate and politics in general. Tapped to be then Senator, Barack Obama’s running mate in 2008. Joe Biden brought his experience and inside knowledge of Washington D.C. politics to the ticket. It was a winning ticket. Joe Biden is a powerhouse of a candidate. A force to be reckoned with, and the Trump re-election committee will be working overtime to combat this threat. Well, they would have.


But now? Joe has issues. For one, he’s old. Then of course he’s white. A tad overly friendly, but hey, so am I, so I will give him a ‘soft’ pass until others come out to complain. He’s also very real, and that is a Big F’ing Deal.


To be a moderate in the Democratic party right now? Well heck! Might as well be an old white guy! Oh, wait…

Because the Democratic Party now a days has an issue with old white dudes. They are very unhappy with the current one living in that White House…and why is it called the White House? And they certainly don’t want someone who represents 72% of the population of the United States. Joe has issues with Socialism, which you know, is not a good thing these days.

Oh yes, like any good politician Joe does pander, to the masses of millennials who want a life provided by Harrods…from the womb to the tomb. And he is good with letting the other 28% of Americans know, that he too, is not happy with old white dudes. Yet this placating of the masses is well…falling flat.

CNN this morning, on it’s news app, basically said to Joe…Why bother? Dude! You’re old, and too pale. Leaving no mistake that they do not approve. Because the last thing America needs is an experienced politician in the White House. What we need is vigor, wild ideas that have no chance of success and well, color. We need some color.


Somewhere, in Heaven, a wonderful soul is yelling down to Earth: Content of Character!


Because whether you like Joe Biden or not. Whether you think his platform is good or not. And definitely whether you think the content of his character is good or not. These things do not matter anymore. We have slipped away from the days of electing solid Politian’s who understand the circumstances and gravity of governance, to the days of cute fluffy bunnies.

Can Joe, at 76 years of age, put together an IKEA table while Facebooking live? Probably not. Besides, he has grandkids for that. Can Joe whip up support for the New Green Deal? Eh, maybe, maybe not. It was his generation that ruined the planet for the rest of us. Can he navigate the complexities of our immigration issues? Helping out Dreamers and solving the fiasco that lies at our Southern Border? I’m sure he could, but unless he says yes to open borders, yes to this faction and that faction, he won’t survive to the first round of political drop outs in February 2020.

The problem with Joe Biden isn’t that he is out of step with America, it is he is out of step with the far left in America. Those that want a Global economy, nations to end in favor of a world government. Those who wish to punish America for its exceptionalism, and certainly to stop the impending End of The World, via the Paris Accord. And most of all, to vanquish White old dude Privilege.

Joe Biden has a problem. For all his Democratic Party affinity, and his experience and knowledge of Washington D.C. workings, he is an old white dude. And that does not play into the Democratic Party’s new found Democratic-Socialist members. The days of a moderate Democrat, a trusted public servant, and a loyalist to the party itself mean nothing. It is a sad day for the Democratic Party when CNN pans you from the start in favor of a young Mayor whom they gave glowing reviews when he tossed his hat in. Joe is from the days of rational behavior, tried and true methods of winning elections. Only to find now, that what damns him the most? Is the color of his skin. Irony is the bitch of modern politics.

I personally would like to see Joe go the distance, to make his case and let the nation decide. I like old white dudes, being one myself. But this time? It won’t be the radical nature of the candidate that ends it for him, but the moderately calm, if not sometimes boisterous humor, of his political demeanor that lags behind the pack.