Maybe we should let it ride another 10 years. / Photo by The Opinant.



Tomorrow I plan to move my family some 2000 miles away from our home. My children know no other home than this one, and it will be a huge change for us. We are going to California, walking there, with only the clothes on our back, what we can carry in suitcases, and with little money in our pockets.

It will be a hard journey, but it will be worth it. I don’t speak the California language. Their dialect and nuances of the English language is just too foreign for me. What exactly does ‘Gnarly’ mean? But in California? I can find a home, get medical care, send my kids to their schools to be educated by people who speak my Midwestern language. All of this, through the gracious donations of the California Taxpayers.

I could go to Wisconsin I guess. Not that far away, they have great beer and an amazing selection of cheeses. But Wisconsin won’t take care of me like California will. Wisconsin only lets a few people move into their State. Very choosy that Wisconsin.

Of course, traveling to California will be worth it, they will take care of me. I may have some issues traveling there. Wandering across the country without much food and water, little money, and finding places to sleep and relieve ourselves, just might draw the attention of the authorities. They don’t take kindly to parents making their children sleep outside at roadside stops. I might get arrested for Child Neglect and the kids might end up in foster care. But California? They will take me in. The want me to come there, and once there? No one is going to make me leave. Don’t you want to go to California with us?


Because California is in America, and THAT place wants you to stay. 


And that is the crux of the immigration issue. The reason people make a perilous trek of some 2580 miles isn’t because of proximity. Nor is it because the culture is similar, so the impact on relocation will be minimal. They don’t put their children in peril, something that would land us in jail and our kids in foster care if we tried it, just because the scenic route is fun. They do it for economic reasons. And most importantly, because we let them.

And why is it, that people who care about them so much, people who are trying to stop any staunching of this flood of humanity, are for it? Why would anyone think this is a great idea? Wouldn’t it be better to give monies to adjacent countries to house these imperiled people? You would think a healthy chunk of the foreign aid budget could be funneled for this very purpose. Heck, even the $5.7 Billion for the Medieval Wall could be sent to those countries for them to take care of this humanitarian crisis.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case does it? Kind of the opposite. Instead of working to keep those people in their own nations, or to resettle them in neighboring nations, we want them to spend the next two months walking to the United States border.


I wonder if it has something to do with the 2020 Census?


Every 10 years we count ourselves. Typically this involves a form in the mail, on occasion a worker knocking on your door. But we count…everyone. Now what we do with those number is the fun part. Other than finding out how many kids people have. Because normally people do not have 2.5 children, we like whole numbers in our kids. We also take those numbers and divvy up Representatives Seats. You get your Congressional Legislators from the census.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone why the push to allow illegal immigrants into the United States is now a Democratic Party Cause. Many immigrants who come to America settle in large cities. Cities that are run by Democrats, cities that have enacted Sanctuary policies. If you have more people in your area when the census takes place, you get more Representatives in Congress.

This is why the Democratic Party, Liberal outlets, and pro-Sanctuary advocates are against a simple question on the 2020 census.

Are you a Citizen of the United States?


This addition, or in reality, reinsertion into the Census is drawing the ire of many Democrats. They have fought it tooth and nail against it, and now? The question is before the Supreme Court. The SCOTUS decision will decide who controls the House of Representatives for generations to come. Undoubtedly, swaying the House to a Democratic Majority. One thing? Those here already? Or before the ruling comes down? Will get a pass. Some way, some how, it will happen. They will be counted.


So, let’s skip the question and count them all. Hit the snooze button for 10 years.


What if, instead of concentrating on a border fence, the President redirected his Homeland Security and Border Patrol to take in illegal immigrants and send them to designated housing areas. These areas would be in Republican majority spots in the Nation. Middle of Iowa, or Central California, maybe even Southern Illinois. They would stay there, be taken care of till the question of their legal status is determined. You know, after the 2020 Census.

I am not suggesting encampments, or gulags. Apartments, public housing, FEMA trailers will do just fine. But all of these designated places, within Republican dominated areas.

Could you guess how long it would take the Democratic Party to reverse its stance on illegal immigration? Before the ink dries on the Executive order.




[The opinions expressed here are from the Author’s vivid imagination. At no time did he consider walking to California with his family in tow. Driving to California would be annoying, can you imagine a month and a half of “Are we there yet?” if we walked? Wisconsin is a lovely State and would gladly welcome you in. Immigrants are people, who care and love their families. They are looking for a better life, and you can’t blame them. Yet walking some 2780 miles or more with your kids? Bad form old boy, bad form.]