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This is like my 5th draft of this post. No, seriously, I have written this four times before and didn’t like it. Kept coming off mean, and disingenuous. Because something is wrong, and I can’t quite put a finger on it. Every time I try? sounds like I am being a whiny. And it all revolves around Gender Identity. And while I seriously do not care what gender you identify as? It’s this nagging thing in my brain that is troubling me.

H.R.5 Equality Act of 2019 and Hillary Clinton.

It started with a post by Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. A nice post, wishing well to the Transgender community on Visibility day. What really caught my eye was the flag. Because it was cool, and I like flags. Silly me. If I could make a living designing flags? I would be stitching like mad.

I started to read the comments on Hillary Clinton’s thread, and then I came across Equality Act, and I did research, and found out a bill was moving through congress that would allow the same legal protections to the LGBT community that was codified in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.




Because honestly? I don’t care. It doesn’t affect me personally, and I really do not care one snit about your sexual orientation or if prefer to go around life as a man or woman. I have this weird idea that if you are nice to me? I will be nice to you. If you are an ass to me? Yeah.

I read the bill of course, looked at it, wondered about it. Something was nagging at me. It was this 31 Flavors sort of feeling. You know? Like the Ice Cream place I should probably not name for fear of being sued. That place.

Because one of the groups the bill includes is Gender Identity. And a few years back Facebook got a lot of snickers over offering 71 flavors of Identity. People scoffed, snickered, and mostly said “What in the hell is that? I’ve never heard of that!” And come on! There are only two genders, right? Nope.


The Genius of Gender.

Genus: (noun) kind, birth, race, class, gender, type, sort, genre, style, variety… you get the picture. Gender comes from the Latin word Genus. Which is not specifically referring to biological sex. Grammar wise we have 3 ish. Masculine, Feminine, Neuter (Common is the fourth). But when it comes to biological sex? We only have two (okay three) to choose from.

Quick recap. Biological Sex? Two. Gender? Plethora of choices.

Yet why do I care what Gender you identify as? How in the world could your choice impact me?


Individual vs Society.


Just before same-sex marriage became the law of the land in 2015, there was a lot of hubbub about silly things like wedding cakes and pizza deliveries from places that don’t cater gay weddings, much less cater weddings (or other events) at all. There were court challenges, screaming all over social media, even so far as to taking the issue to the Supreme Court. All of this centered around one point. Whose Rights were more important?

Good questions were asked concerning Rights, with very few serious discussions, instead of discussions that asked a lot of soul-searching questions?  Most of the real issues on Rights fell flat because screaming matches are far more entertaining, and sell more advertising dollars.

Most of those questions are settled now. Same-sex  couples should not be denied the basic rights afforded to opposite-sex couples. You know, we stopped being assholes to other people. And the best part? The world did not end when this became the law of the land.

So, the world won’t end either if we pass H.R.5 Equality Act of 2019 either right? No, it won’t.


Then what the heck is nagging at me about this whole thing?


It wasn’t the equality part. I believe we are all equal under the law. Even if sadly, this isn’t the case, because injustice still abounds, we strive for this and fight for equal treatment under the law. And there is the rub. If you can choose your gender identity, and it has the full weight of the law behind it, aren’t you circumnavigate the laws?

I can not join a women’s only gym. But if the law is passed? Yes I can. And you can’t stop me because I have the law on my side.

If I wanted to compete in a women’s triathlon? Well I couldn’t do that! I’m in terrible shape! But others could, and once again the law would be on their side.

Then again, a woman can join a men’s clubs, maybe the Knights of Columbus, or Masons. Traditionally male clubs. Because the law would say you can choose your gender identity, and organizations must comply with the law. The distinction between male and female, such an archaic idea, would vanish with the stroke of a pen, and you can be whatever you want to be. Well, gender wise.

And while to many, especially the LGBT community, who find the basic idea that biological sex should not matter anymore? They miss the larger point. That with the passage of this law, the roles of male and female end. Gone forever, and the march toward an androgynous society would end other’s rights. Who cares about the feminist movement and everything they have accomplished! They are passé.

Do you want a good example? Here’s one for you. President Donald J. Trump signs the Equality Bill of 2019 later this year. Then, in a bold stroke, changes his gender identity to Female. Thus gaining popularity and being re-elected to a second term, as the first Woman President.


Gender Identity is the Flat Earth Society.


There actually is a Flat Earth Society. With actual members who believe the Earth is flat and the rest of us are deluded and have been conned by people like Magellan. Pictures from space have something to do with wide-angle lenses, and well, it’s a myth folks, cats be damned, the Earth is flat.


Actually it is spherical.


No matter what you assert your gender identity is, biologically? Humans have two choices (with a third popping up with that involves medical conditions). If you take away this basic distinction, you have created a society that is genderless, and take away any uniqueness of that individual. No more First Man on The Moon, or First Woman President, just a person. An equal to the masses, a comrade.

And isn’t what this is all about? I seriously doubt the LGBT community are pushing Gender Identity for Socialist reasons. I believe that they truly think this is a point on equality. I don’t fault most of the community. Just those who know exactly how this would turn out. That with the biological distinction gone? It is so much easier to unity under their banner. Because where else would they go?

If gender is decided by the individual choice, and not by a social norm (perceived as much as it is) with the law demanding you follow of those 71 flavors, then we have reached the point of a Flat Earth. Reality is subject to perception, and tossing everyone in a blender would destroy individualism.

Consider this. Identity Politics is the principle of taking groups, be they ethnic, sex, race, and religious, and making them out to be more important than the whole of the group.

Say for example, an ethnic freshman congresswoman opinion is valued more than standard opinions of longer serving congress members just because of her sex and ethnicity. She is a minority of her parties values, yet the loudest voice and more exposure than her seasoned peers. Thus we value her opinion more. The majority opinions are moot. It is a divide and conquer formula on steroids.

Once Gender Identity is fluid? And Polygenderism is the new norm? Those voices of the vocal minority will mean nothing. That would be a good thing, except those Identity Politic voices? The ones that created the vocal minorities?  They created the Polygenderism monster. And now they can’t control it.

And that is what happened. The Democratic party created the Identity Politics ideology, and has used this theme to further their goal of running the government. Sure, fine, it was a smart political move. And let’s face it, power is the ultimate goal here for both political parties.

If you think that Gender Identity is where it will end, you are mistaken. Because after Gender Identity is the law of the land? Racial and Ethnic identity will be next. It has already begun. Senator Elizabeth Warren? (which on her part, was probably an oops!) Has been accused of Cultural Appropriation of Native Americans. I think it was an honest mistake, but the clean-up on this was sloppy.

But the case of Rachel Dolezal? A white woman who identified as black? And ran a chapter of the NAACP? That is the future. Where nothing makes you a real individual, because you identify as you wish.

Rachel Dolezal is the future, because she decided, that despite the biological fact of her being a white woman? She would be black. And took that leadership position of that NAACP chapter away from a black person.

With Gender Identity, Polygenderism, you lose. Not just your gender (as in male and female) or your race, or your ethnicity, but eventually your Self. Becoming a cog in the wheel of society that serves the government. Because giving up your Self to the government? Is never a good idea. Might as well sail off the end of the Earth.



[The opinions expressed in this blog are the authors alone. At no time did the little voices in my head tell me what to write. But they did suggest most of it. The author wants to express his support for LGBT Rights. We are all human folks, and should be treated as such. The questions raised by the author are concerning the legal (thus social) ramifications of H.R.5 Equality Act of 2019 on our society, and the impacts of the trend toward socialism. How we navigate conflicting Rights will be a challenge of the 21st century.]