I voted. November 2018. / Photo by The Opinant.


Seems the Electoral College is being naughty again. Making decisions for others, electing people who no one likes, just mucking up the whole system. Honestly? The Electoral College is just a pain in the butt. Kind of like singing the National Anthem. You know you should do it, hand over your heart, singing along, but the words? Um, kind of forget a few lines. So you just pretend you know them.

Most people pretend they know the Electoral College. It is a group of devious political operatives that are hell-bent on tossing the Election to the other ‘guy’. We saw this in 2000 when Bush was elected by the College, and once again in 2016 when Trump was elected by the College. Just isn’t fair is it? You cast your vote and well, it turns out to be worthless.

Now comes the 2020 election. Senator Elizabeth Warren has called for the dismantling of the Electoral College. Echoing the worlds of Secretary Hillary Clinton after her loss in the 2016 election. Among others. Because the damn thing isn’t fair. It takes away your vote and gives it to some yahoo in your State to cast any darn way they want to.

I say do it!

Why not? Lets dump that relic of the 18th Century for Real Democracy! Because nothing says equality like every vote counting. And besides, Amending the Constitution is a fairly simple process. Ask the Equal Rights Amendment supporters, they will tell you. Easy Peasy.

After the XXVIII Amendment is made law. And the celebration party begins, with the copious wine from California, and the environmentally friendly firework display, (No confetti, that is not environmentally friendly) what happens then? We wait patiently for the next election and watch the Republican scum get what they deserve? Rub our hands with glee and watch them take down their banners and yard signs? See them dejected at their utter loss for that rigged system, called the Electoral College, the system that kept them relevant?


Then again, there are recounts to be had. Questions on voter machines and possibly hanging chads. What would have been settled in less than 24 hours after the election, or 32 days after the election in the case of Bush vs Gore, would now be caught in this never-ending calls for recounts and certifications. A nightmare in the making to be sure.

2028 is the Year!

But, for the sake of argument, let us say the Electoral College is no more. Toss into the burning dumpster of political experiments like the Temperance Movement. The Presidential Election comes nigh, the Democrats put up a candidate, and so do the Republicans, and everyone heads to the polls on the November 7th, 2028 expecting their ‘guy’ to win.

A Libertarian is elected President.

No? Impossible you say? Well not if every vote is to count now! This isn’t some old Democratic-Republic anymore! We are a DEMOCRACY now. Third Parties, those political organizations that only wacko’s and toss your vote into the burning dumpster people used to vote for are now a force to be reckoned with. Their time has come, and the two-party system is now officially dead.

The Two Party System.

We’re actually used to the two-party system. It has its flaws, very unfair and all that stuff. If you don’t belong to one or the other? Well you are wasting your vote on that guy from the Green Party. Definitely a snowflake’s chance in hell for the Communist Party candidate to win the Presidency. Those Third Parties just don’t get enough votes to garner Electors from the Electoral College. To most of us? Third Parties are pointless.

However they do impact our political system. Probably more than they even know. Third Parties do not have a chance, in our present system, to elect a candidate to the Presidency. Rarely a Senator or Governor. Yet when they become a voice in the electorate? They get noticed by the two parties.

Take the Tea Party, a great little party accidentally started by a CNBC reporter Rick Santelli who had a beef with the government. Little did he know his little tirade would lead to a movement that reshaped the Republican party and force stanch Republicans to take the movement seriously.

In 2016 Senator Bernie Sanders launched his Presidential bid on what many seen as a Democratic-Socialist agenda. He would ultimately lose to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary, but in the end he would have the last laugh. Two years later several Representatives who would be elected to seats in the House of Representatives would espouse his Democratic-Socialist views.

The Doom of the Democratic Party.

With the Electoral College in place, Third Parties are relegated to the fringes, and only impacting elections when their movement drives the big two to support their platforms. Not fair, not perfect, yet keeps things organized. Silly as that sounds.

Without an Electoral College, we could see future Presidential Elections face legal challenges. If you think Voter Fraud is an issue now? Drop the Electoral College and Voter Fraud accusations will be on steroids.

Third Parties would find a new life in the post Electoral College era. They would be able to grow and push their ideologies without fear of being stopped at the ballot box. The two-party system would basically collapse, and we would live in a multi-party nation, having to build coalition governments in order to operate. Think Congress is slow to action now? Try looking at Nations with Multi-Party governments. Israel comes to mind.

While the Republicans would take a hit, there is a quality about them that keeps their members united. Republicans tend to be a single-minded lot. Democrats are the party of inclusion. They take on groups of various political ideologies and put them under the umbrella of the Party of Individual Inclusiveness. They have been extremely good at this over the years. Taking those who feel neglected by the Republicans, or to fringe for the Republicans, and gathered them under their umbrella.

After the fall of the Electoral College. The political landscape would change drastically. Yes, it would stop the Republican Threat to the Democratic Party for control of the government. No longer would we talk of partisan rifts. Yet with so many choices? With so many political views? With all of them having an equal chance to win the bully pulpit? The Democratic Party would become obsolete faster than you can say ‘Midterm Elections’.





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