Karl Marx. Rocking the beard. / Photo by John Jabez Edwin Mayal.


One thing you can say about Socialist, they are a tenacious bunch. Unlike other philosophical ideas that have come and gone, socialist just can’t leave the idea alone. They try it here, they try it there, and well, they just don’t give up.

In the most basic understanding, socialism is a great idea. Look at it this way. People should have a place to live, ability to work, have equality and a voice among the classes. In fact, social classes need to disappear. Chucked into the garbage heap of Feudal Lords and Serfdom. Let’s face it, working in the fields all day long to make your local Baron rich? Not a great life.

Few people would argue with socialistic ideas. We would all like a home, a feeling of security in work, access to affordable healthcare, education for our children, and to just get along with everyone. Hard to argue with those points.

Having to labor all day, not get paid what you are worth, and to see your boss go out and buy a new BMW as he cuts costs on your health insurance plan? It is just not fair. And what socialism promises you, is fairness.

During the Industrial Revolution, laborers were taken advantage of by their Capitalist owners. It wasn’t the best time to be a worker. Even kids worked, and getting ahead in life was nearly impossible.

Labor Unions would come about from this plight of Capitalist Overlords, bringing about fair labor practices, and the 8 hour work day. Oh, and kids were kicked out of factories, which is a good thing. Although these Labor Unions had some socialist ideologies, and even socialist members, they generally didn’t want to get rid of the Capitalist Overlords. It was that whole ‘getting paid’ thingy they still enjoyed.

Socialist, like Marx, did however want to get rid of Capitalist Overlords. Slowly, through a logical, almost evolutionary, process. Lenin, well he wanted them dead. And Lenin got his wish in 1917. Lenin thought that Marx should have added an ‘R’ to his evolutionary idea.

It is hard to imagine, that almost 30 years after the fall of the greatest socialist experiment ever, the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics, that we would be discussion socialism again. That we would think favorably of a system that crashed and burned in spectacular fashion.

A whole generation has grown up knowing little of the U.S.S.R. They were mere babies when CNN did special reports on the ecological disasters of the former Soviet Union, the massive clean up that Germany had to do, and pay for, in the Eastern part of their Nation, because it was controlled by the Socialist. This generation did not know of forced relocations of whole populations, farming practices that failed, factories that had 5 workers tasked to do one job (because, everyone was guaranteed a job!) and the secret police that made sure everyone got along. They know little of healthcare that was for all, but offered little. They never saw images of people waiting to buy bread. And it is certain, they never talked to anyone who escaped from behind the Iron Curtain.

Instead, this generation knows of a cool white-haired old dude that will give them free education, and forgiveness on their past educational debt. They know of a hip young woman who promises them real equality, a CO2 free world, and trains that go really fast. This generation knows the cool. They know that this time? Socialism will work. Nobody will be eating flamingo’s here, unlike Venezuela.

That is the biggest promise of Socialism. That it will work…this time around. The others? Well they got too greedy, or didn’t go far enough. Maybe they were taken down by those Capitalist Overlords. Either way? It’s going to work this time. Trust them.

Socialism is a good idea, philosophically. A wonderful idea that may work one day in the future, when Mankind grows up. But ideas such as socialism fail miserably when they tell you others are bad, and you need to take from them to be happy. That for things to be fair? You must be unfair to others. A little Evolution with an R.

But, I am sure it will work this time around.





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