Opinions have a tendency to be electrifying. / Photo by The Opinant.


“…But thinking makes it so.”


If you’ve stumbled across this blog, welcome. This is my second blog I’ve started in the past 3 years of blogging here on WordPress. It took me a while to start this one, and it is a little different from my family friendly blog I begun with. This being my first post on The Opinant.




The word ‘Opinant’ comes from one William Thackeray. A novelist, and Satirist, he combined the words Opine and ant. In what some assume was a variant of the French word, which means someone who gives an opinion in a deliberation.

The definition is “A person who opines or forms an opinion.” Meaning, a Opiner, in modern usage of the word. Which kind of sounds like Whiner. Which you know, fits most opinions. But I figured after the third time of being called a Whiner, I would regret that name, thus Opinant, instead of Opiner.

This blog was born from my little habit to warning my friends on Facebook that I was going to be ranting. I would start off my post with (Topic of my rant –  All in caps) OPINE:. This would give my friends the option to either read my rant, or ignore it. POLITICAL OPINE, was usually a killer. But hey, at least I forewarned them. I may be opinionated, but at least I am polite about it.


Does WordPress need another Opiner?


No, not really. Opinions are like rear ends, everyone has one, and they usually stink. But we still seem to hand them out. Usually to our friends and family who really don’t want to hear them. But you tell them anyways, don’t you?


Okay, so why again an Opinion Blog?


Because unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have noticed that what we call News now a days, is mostly opinion. News has become a cupcake. You have the actual news, which are the sprinkles. The glitzy Anchor/Newsroom which is the frosting. And the opinions, which is the dry boring part, unless they are fudge filled, and then the opinions, like the cupcake, makes you happy.

I’m old, a classic at 55 years of age. When I was a child there were limited news outlets. Three major stations, and News Anchors you felt you could trust. They would give their opinions, but these were always noted. A little marquee at the bottom of the screen told you the Anchor was giving their opinion.

Not anymore. Now, most of the programs are opinion pieces sprinkled with facts, or news. We rarely get straight reporting, but opinions. Trust me, I will not bore you with facts.


Will it be funny?


Probably not. Okay, maybe. It might be serious too.


Does your opinion matter?


Well of course silly! What fun would there be if I was the only one giving opinions? I would love to hear yours!

We should try to be civil, insults are never a good thing. Civility is lacking in our Social Media Society. I hope this little blog can do something to change that. Although I wouldn’t hold your breath for civility. If you do, you will just pass out and wake up with a headache. But I will do my best to be civil, and hopefully you will too.

Having an opinion is not a bad thing. We make choices that truly affect our lives by our opinions. We seek out like-minded individuals to reinforce our opinions. Opinions can be a good thing.

They can also get you into trouble. One should refrain from giving their opinion while intoxicated, or when the person you are talking to is holding a sharp object. Just my opinion on the matter.


Oh and Prince Hamlet.


My tagline, There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so, is from William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. The Danish Prince was discussing how what he thought about Denmark. Basically, it was rotten, and a prison. The two men listening to him would betray him, and lose their heads over the matter. They had a different opinion than Hamlets.

Hamlet was talking of perspective. As with opinions, it depends upon your perspective in the matter. Talk about a subject that is near and dear to your heart? You will have strong feeling about the matter. Might even push you over that little edge if the opinion is contrary to your opinion.

I plan to do that. In a civil way of course. Yet the foundation of a good debate is asking the other party to think in a different way. To provoke a discussion.

My hope for this blog is that I can do just that.




[Opinions expressed on this blog are strictly the authors own opinions. This blog is for entertainment purposes only.]