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Dear Twitterverse, that isn’t socialism.

Posted on February 12, 2020



I’ve noticed something about the new socialist on Twitter. They don’t know what socialism is. They think they do. But sadly, they don’t.

Socialism to them is this hip new idea that magically makes everyone equal. Don’t ask them what ‘Equal’ means because they don’t know what that means either.

But in the Socialist Utopia that is to come. The Wealthy 1% will pay for everyone’s dreams. Corporations will cease to exist in favor government run co-ops and Healthcare will fix everything from the Coronavirus to Shingles. You will have a house, you will have a starter job paying you $22 an hour. And oh, anything you want to learn? College for Free.

Honestly, it’s not a bad world. Sounds great. And of course, we already have socialist institutions in the United States, so there you go. The government hasn’t collapsed into anarchy because we have adopted these socialist programs. So, we can add more right? Expand upon our current socialist programs. Right?

Fine, but those programs? They aren’t socialist in nature. Sure they benefit people, but honestly? They benefit the Capitalist Merchants first and foremost. These programs were put in place to help everyone, they were put in place to protect, or add incentives, to open markets for Merchants. You know, Capitalist.

Police Departments, Fire Departments, Water Departments, Roads and Bridges, Railroads, airports and shipyards, all these exist because of Capitalism. They were created, in one way or the other, to enhance trade and commerce.

If you have a business? You don’t want riots in the streets that could damage your building. You don’t want it to burn down. You’ll need reliable water for the fire department and for your business. If you have a muddy road in front of your business, but your competitor had a brick road? You’ll lose business and probably move elsewhere. Rail access became important, faster to transport your goods. Same with Airports and shipyards. The Public Services? Weren’t built just because it was a ‘nice idea at the time’. They were built or came into being to serve Merchants. Towns and Cities saw the importance of these services for their merchants, and so they funded them.

If you want to say Social Security is a perfect example? Not really. A good example, yes. But FDR was as much as a socialist as Ronald Reagan was. Social Security gave retirement monies at a time when Ma & Pa were living at home and couldn’t provide for themselves. That money helped families and allowed families to buy more goods and services. Okay, yes, Social Security did pay people who didn’t work anymore. And the money came from taxation. Yet government giveaways to benefit the general public aren’t necessary socialism. If so, explain why Roman Emperor’s gave out bread and coins to the public. Not really the model of Socialism, those dastardly Romans.

When socialism does take hold of a government, it only brings about a short term prosperity. Like using one, 2 liter of pop, for a group of teenagers. Sure, they all get a good taste at first, but when it comes to round two, either some get more, others none. Or all get a little. Eventually, you run out of other peoples 2 liters.

Resources under socialism naturally grow tight. Free education is offered, but only on those subjects that the government approves of. What? Do you think Soviet College students were learning how to run a successful business? Or the value of entrepreneurship? Those classes weren’t offered. Or offered behind the college and against the bullet riddled wall.

Everyone had a job in the U.S.S.R., but that could mean 5 people working the same job, that was originally meant for 1 person to do. Either you would take turns, or one guy is working while the others goof off. Not sure where that rates on your idea of Equality, but I doubt it rates high.

The concept is that government programs, government housing and healthcare, will make life easier. Maybe. But when you ask others to take care of you? Well you have to accept what they offer. Your choices become limited, if non-existent. Remember the breadline stories of the old Soviet Union? The reason they exist is because only one manufacture was making the bread and only one place distributing the bread. If they were out of bread? You couldn’t go across the street to the other store. That store didn’t exist.


So, no Twitterverse. These programs and services are not the socialism you laud by saying ‘we have socialism already’, these programs were created by capitalists, to enable businesses to meet their needs. Nothing to do with socialism at all.


[The opinions expressed here are the authors and authors alone. Links were not provided because it really wouldn’t help. Socialist just think the internet is just another case of Capitalist Oppression. Also, it would do you some good to do your own research.]

Dear Chicken Little, you are wrong my friend.

Posted on November 13, 2019

A little note to the Climate Alarmist Movement. And why we didn’t shoot all the horses when the Model T rolled out.



Due to Climate Change, Gingerbread men will mutate into Ginger Cthulhu’s. / Photo by The Opinant.


My Twitter discussion started with an NBC article. The article purported that Hurricane’s are more damaging now than they were 100 years ago. You know, back when satellites where powered by horses, and getting them into orbit involved ginormous sling shots.

I had to reply. My reply had to be snarky. Because the idiocy of the article demanded it. An apples to avocados comparison.

One major problem with the Climate Change Alarmist Culture is depending upon historical data and turning it into scientific data. It’s a wonderful idea, but it just doesn’t quite work out the way you like. Like Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe baking a soufflé, it’s a lovely thought, but the results just aren’t going to cut it. Scientist are notorious for doing this. That’s why scientific views change over time. Usually, for the better.

My snark didn’t sit well with one Tweeter. And we engaged in a robust back and forth. I thoroughly enjoyed it, because I am weird and like other points of view. Now, the Tweeter did not call themselves an Alarmist, yet they have empathy for them.

I do not. I think they make Climate Change look stupid, and fuel people into thinking it is a pseudoscience.

Here’s the deal. Anthropological Global Warming is real. Used to be called Global Warming, which is a misnomer. Now called Climate Change, which is a bigger misnomer.

The biggest mistake Climate Change Alarmist make is assuming that all the evils in the world revolve around Carbon Dioxide and the fossil fuels that create it. They have used historical data to show the errant rise of CO2 levels, correlated this with the rise of industry, and voilà! Demand we give up fossil fuels to save the planet.


Note to Alarmist. Earth was hit by a big f’ing space rock some 65,000,000 years ago and is still here. So is life. Chill.


The problem with their logic, and those scientific facts that are pushing their logic, is that it isn’t logical. Nor historically accurate. Humans have been altering the Earth for tens of thousands of years. Mostly, for our betterment.

Humans, like many species that exist (and used to exist) on this planet, manipulate their environment to better suit themselves. We just happen to be very good at it. And during this time, we have altered our planets atmospheric make up. Can’t say that is a good thing, but honestly? We really don’t know how bad it is either.

Yet you are told the temperatures are rising, the ice is melting, the sea levels will wash away cities, and well, we are going extinct, like in 12 years, maybe 50, tops. AOC and Greta concur, we are toast.

No we aren’t. Well…maybe, but certainly not by Climate Change. Anti-vaxxers have a better chance, than Climate Change, in wiping out humanity.

However, we might just go extinct due to stupidity, because ditching fossil fuels? That is just stupid. When the Model T rolled off of production lines, no one thought they should shoot all the horses. Sure, the horse was going to be replaced, but let’s not go crazy here.

Fossil fuels will not be the end of us. They will probably save us. For one, to build electric cars, put up solar panels, move wind turbines, you are going to have to use fossil fuels.

If we need to relocate people away from the coastlines, or build barriers to prevent coastal flooding, it will be much more easier with fossil fuels, rather than waiting for the sun to come up to drive our solar powered earthmovers.


Fossil fuels will also create the great Dome Cities we will live in when the air is toxic, and fossil fuels will also power the lasers to blast anyone over 30 years of age into smithereens. Okay, so maybe not, but that would be a great 70’s movie wouldn’t it? 


In truth, the biggest problem with Alarmist is they have Chicken Little Syndrome. They scream Fossil Fuel Bad and propose solutions that are scientifically and financially unattainable, all the while feeling good about telling you what a rotten person you are for flying in an airplane. Then they cheer a 16 girl who sails around the world in a boat that to build it? Probably produced enough CO2 in its manufacturing that it could feed a mini rainforest.

They believe we can use solar and wind to solve all of our energy ills, while shirking Nuclear power that real could solve all our energy ills.

Yet the biggest fault in all their logic? Fossil Fuels themselves. While touting the greedy oil companies for knowing years ago that fossil fuels would increase CO2 levels, they missed the point that back when the reports came out? Most in the industry were warning of the end of fossil fuels. That resources were drying up, and soon? The world would be without oil.

Why didn’t that happen? Because human ingenuity found other ways to extract oil. Exploration techniques became better, and we learned to conserve our usage by being more efficient in our use of fossil fuels.

We solved the shortage problem not by abandoning what had worked, but by improving upon ways that did work. Ending fossil fuels now? That is a sure path to extinction.




[The opinions expressed in this blog come from the mind of Cthulhu, who is channeling his dark thoughts into my mind right this very minute. Cthulhu has stock in Oil Companies, and wants to see fossil fuels used in abundance so that life on Earth will be choked out. This will finally give Cthulhu time to watch his favorite Netflix programs in peace. Without all that Climate Change yapping. – Or this could all be in my head. – jsk]




Boomer: The slur that isn’t.

Posted on October 30, 2019


Not all mushrooms need to be grown in the dark, and fed poop. / photo by The Opinant


I was called a Boomer today. A comment I thought was a little strange. For one, I am a Baby Boomer. And two…it was used as an insult.


I wasn’t insulted.


Yet the person I was trying to have a discussion with on Twitter, about Socialism, called me a Boomer as an insult. I think they need to work on their repertoire of insults.

Insults are generally that last ditch effort to inject into a conversation a stinging blow, to silence the conversation, and thus, by it’s very nature, win the argument by ending it. That rarely works.

Others in the conversation admonished me (and my generation) for screwing up the world. We’ve caused more harm than Genghis Khan it seems. Baby Boomer have done nothing to help the planet but have grown rich and fat off of unfair capitalist practices.

We Boomers just don’t understand how unjust we are. How we have ravaged the earth for resources, enslaved millions for profit, and well, we just suck in general.


I blame education for this. And parents (and grandparents) not wanting to discuss their checkered past.


So, quick education for my socialist Millennials.


Baby Boomers are the generation following World War II. That is a war in which we fought to defeat Fascist Governments, that were Socialistic in nature. We are a long bunch. From 1946 to 1963 (and I am talking only my family, some boomers were born after 1963)

We were the clean cut kids of the 1950’s, that were not always clean cut. We were the Hippies of the 1960’s and 1970’s. And yes, the Yuppies of the 1980’s.

We fought in Vietnam, Grenada, and the Gulf War. Others conflicts in-between. Some of those conflicts were not as clear cut as the war our fathers fought in, and to say it didn’t jade us? That would be a lie. It did.

But through all this, we took what we learned from the previous generation and built upon it. We lived in fear, the USSR was a threat. Communism was a threat, Socialism was a threat. And those threats? They were real. You could feel it.

Despite this threat, or maybe because of this threat. We relished the American way of life. After Vietnam, we allowed many South Vietnamese to immigrate to America. We did the same years later when Yugoslavia fell. And in all that time? Soviets, Poles, Czechoslovakians, East Germans, and anyone under the Iron Curtain was welcomed. We welcomed them because like us? They yearned to be free.

We didn’t shun capitalism, because we knew what the alternative was. We saw it on TV, and read about it in the papers. And, if you were like me, heard stories of what went on behind the Iron Curtain from people who had lived there. Socialism drained the soul out of those under its tyranny. A drab world where the government told you where to live, where to work, and how much you were going to eat that day.

Boomers created a better world. The hippies? Well they became environmentalist. Doubt many of you remember the commercial of a Native American crying over garbage. America in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s was a dirty place. I know, growing up in Southern California and having to stay inside for recess, the air quality being too bad to go outside. While the Greatest Generation didn’t worry about it too much, my generation did. And in doing so, helped clean up hundreds of rivers and lakes.

Boomers are the generation that wanted to make life easier on their children, give them better opportunities, better education. To ask questions and not be told ‘Because I said so’. We valued education because it meant something. You didn’t need a four year degree to become a plumber, and plumbers made good money. Still do.

Almost all the technological marvels that Millennials take for granted? Boomers either created or had a hand in perfecting. Many major companies of today were small start ups, whose Boomer entrepreneurs risked all, because they had a dream. And those who succeeded? They got rich in the process. But most Boomers don’t mind that, they worked hard for it, they paid the price, and why shouldn’t they reap the benefits?

And hey, so they are rich. So what? Me? well I always have a calculator on me, much to the chagrin of my 3rd Grade teacher who told me otherwise.


Every generation laments the ease of the generation that follows. I am guilty of that. I have two Millennial daughters, and often tell them they have more opportunities than I did.

Every new generation likes to complain the former screw things up. They didn’t. They just worked with what they had. Building on previous generations to make life easier for themselves and their children.


Baby Boomers didn’t fail Millennials. Not in respects to ruining the world. You have a much safer, cleaner, ‘easier’ world than ours. It isn’t perfect, not even close. But we leave that to you to work on. We failed you in not telling you what we went through to achieve this way of life you now live in.

I’m lucky because I have two generations of kids. A set of Millennials, and a set of Gen Z. I get to watch the dynamics of their interactions. Having to listen to my eldest tell my youngest that she remembers when there wasn’t such a thing as WiFi. Something my son will never know, but his big sister remembers. Just as I remember phones being tied to a house or a pole outside a grocery store. And my father telling me of telegraphs.


So, calling me a Boomer? Sorry, not an insult. I relish the term.

Dear Democratic-Socialist, nothing is free, not even the air you breath.

Posted on October 25, 2019

This is a picture of a slug on a Hosta leaf. It has absolutely nothing to do with this article, but I thought it looked cool. / Photo by The Opinant.


I like free stuff, don’t you? If I am walking through a store and they are offering samples, I do sample. Especially cheese.

Seems that free stuff is the trend nowadays. Free Healthcare, free College, free housing, free…well about everything. It is the promise of the Democratic-Socialist and the Democratic candidates (barring a couple).

Of course they don’t really mean it is free, what they mean is they are going to take from others to make it free for you. You can go to college and get that degree in Holistic Underwater Basket Weaving and it will be paid for by those rich jerks. And as we all know, Holistic Underwater Basket Weavers are in high demand.

They want to make sure you are set in life. That you have no worries, that everything will be okay because they are going to take care of you. Screw the rich guys, they are evil and just want to use you. Corporations, those soulless entities that aren’t made up of people, just Boards of Directors…who must not be real people, or so I’ve heard.

Of course this free stuff comes with a small price to you. Choice. Because if we have free healthcare, you really aren’t going to be able to pick your own doctor, not even a PPO. You will be assigned a doctor, and a college, and housing. You may find out, down the road, that you will even be assigned an occupation, of the government’s choosing. Because the need for Holistic Underwater Basket Weavers is in demand, even if such an occupation doesn’t exist. No worries, they will create the job, Employment For All!, is their motto.

You see, that’s what socialist do. They assign people to things, to make it work. They don’t need the gears of capitalism to drive the economy or workforce, the government becomes the economy and your boss. You’ll have to play along, or you will find yourself on the outs. By outs I mean the American version of a Gulag.

Of course, they say socialism will work, take away the evils of a hard-hearten capitalistic society that held down women and minorities. A society that didn’t support your individualism. Because in a socialist society, individualism is key…as long as you fit into one of the government approved categories. And have the proper papers filled out in triplicate.


Free stuff sounds good. But nothing is free. Those samples of cheese I stuffed in my mouth? Well, I like it. So I bought a block for $5.99. Gift baskets, giveaways, keychains and all the little things you get for ‘free’ at Expos, County Fairs and hundreds of little events you may visit in you life? Marketing tools.

Those little bottles of shampoo you shove in your suitcase from the hotel? The cost of those are built in to your room bill. People offer you free things to get you to like their product, to hook you.

Kind of like the Democratic Candidates in this 2020 election. If you just elect them? You will get free stuff. The rich will pay for it. Well, till can’t pay anymore, because there aren’t any left. Remember they told us that Billionaires are bad. Those people who worked their proverbial butts off to achieve that level of success need to be scorned for their wealth. Because who deserves to be a Billionaire? Not sure, but I am sure it is not up to me to judge them, and definitely not up to me to take their hard earned money away.


Now about that air you breath, you know, that free stuff? It’s not. It is created by that tree in your backyard. Through the process of photosynthesis. Taking nutrients and that malicious CO2 with a dash of sunlight to create sugars, and expel O2. And yes, there is more to it than that, but it isn’t free.


Nor is the sunlight.


Some 93 million miles away is an average star that is eating itself alive. Converting hydrogen into helium. Eventually it is going to run out of hydrogen, and well, let’s hope we’ve moved on when that happens. But it isn’t free. Nothing is free.

Socialist will have you believe they can fix your problems. That they can give you free stuff, and life will be good. It won’t, it never has been a successful system, and their promises are always hollow.  They rob Peter to pay Paul, till Peter is broke. Then they start robbing Paul.

Democratic-Socialist are another thing. They ask that you vote them in first. That way it looks better when take your choices away, because you elected them to do just that, right? You said it was okay, because they offered you free stuff.

And everyone likes free stuff.

I have a serious problem with the Ukrainian President.

Posted on September 26, 2019

white house

Photo by Aaron Kittredge on


Ben Shapiro said it best in a Tweet yesterday. It really depends on your political point of view that determines how you see the transcript of the phone conversation between President Trump, and President Zelensky of the Ukraine. (Why yes, yes I did paraphrase Ben.)

Well, that is if you see the transcript as what was actually said. Because, it wasn’t Verbatim.


Verbatim: in exactly the same words as were used originally.


See, everyone jumped all over that. It was in a tagline that was put on the copy of the transcript released. If you read the tagline in context, you would know it was an ‘out’ for the memo takers. Those four eyed pencil pushing translators that jot down every sigh the two Presidents gave. Those poor buggers who try to hear every little gasp, laugh, and cough. Those guys whom, that tagline? Saves their butts.

Calls, unless recorded (and even then) can never be verbatim. Things get missed by faulty connections, or low voices, or…well everything the tagline said.

But it was worth a few hours of ‘Gotcha!’ tweets.

Then came the nitpicking. Favor became the next hot topic. Because we all know what that means. It means Trump was channeling Vito Corleone, and while there was no mention of any horses head, it was implied of course. That was (and I think, still is) the trending damning confession from the Current Occupant of the White House.


All of these points, the language used, whether the transcript was accurate to the conversation, and the plethora of spins both right and left, left out one thing.


Push. That is the word everyone should have been focusing on. President Zelensky said at a sit down with President Trump at the UN, that there wasn’t any pressure exerted on him to investigate Hunter Biden’s business dealings in the Ukraine. Or, Push, was the word he used.


Why say that? There can’t be any doubt that President Trump is embattled. The news media howls about him every day, all day. He tweets his random thoughts, and has stepped in so much political dog doo that he probably isn’t allow to wear shoes in the White House.

They want to impeach him. Hordes of Democrats and NeverTrumpers just chomping at the bit to find one ‘Ah Ha!’ in his Administration…or tax returns when they finally get them. After a disappoint Russian Collusion Report, calling him a racist, and xenophobic. And lets not forget, Trump wants to watch the world burn as he mocks little Swedish girls. Nothing has stuck to him. People hate him. Probably because nothing is sticking.


We are talking, he stole your ice cream cone hatred. 


So, you are the newly elected President of Ukraine. You need aid, and badly. Russia is using you for a Weapons Testing Fire Range. You seriously don’t know who to trust in your government. Things could go south and quick.

Then the President of the United States, asks you to check into his political rival. Asks for a FAVOR. And you have seen the Godfather, both I and II (But skipped III) so you get what he is talking about. You are not going to say no to him. You need his help, and really? Is it a big deal to take a peek? Maybe ‘pretend’ to look into it? And hopefully get some really cool missile system out of it all? Sure, why not!


Flash forward a couple of months and suddenly this private conversation is going public. Crap! What to do? Well what can you do? Just go with it! Right?


Okay, but why? What political gain do you get from backing up an embattle President? I mean, the guy is probably going to lose in 2020. You know, if you follow everyone but Fox News. And if you back him up, and he loses, or is impeached, then what happens to Ukraine? Wait! What happens to you? Putin coming over with chocolates and flowers?

But, if you say nothing, maybe not back his fabricated story, maybe get ahead of it and give the Democrats what they are drooling over. You…oh well! You would be the favorite of the next Democratic President. You just handed them Trump’s head on a silver bedsheet. You, are the Man!


But instead of this, President Zelensky said he wasn’t Pushed.


So, stick it Favor and Verbatim. Pushed is the word of the day, and the real story behind all this farce.




[The opinions expressed in this blog come from the warped imagination of the author. Who is not Ukrainian. Nor a Russian Bot…well, I don’t think so. And if I am? I don’t know that I am. But if the Matrix is true…]
[Also, no horse was harmed in the writing of this blog. Nor was any President. I did pick on a couple of words, and I am truly sorry for that. Please don’t go back 8 years and check out my Twitter account. Thanks.]
Definition of Verbatim provide by Oxford, via Google.


Empathy for Greta Thunberg.

Posted on September 24, 2019


sky earth galaxy universe

This is our only home. / Photo by Pixabay on


I actually can have empathy for the Climate Strike, and its unlikely heroine. Unlike many of my generation who scoff at a “lowly” 16 year old girl who is crying out to her elders, to pay attention, to a pressing crisis. I am not scoffing. I know exactly how she feels.

Like Greta, I read all the articles, heard the news reports, saw the science. If things didn’t change soon, the world would end. Burnt to a cinder. Nothing would ever be the same, and life as we know it? Gone forever.

I read that whole ecosystems would collapse, even the sea would die. Mass extinctions would follow, humanity wouldn’t stand a chance. And in the end? The world would be one vast wasteland with no possibility of life.

My teachers, guarded in their words to be sure, ever fearful they would be called out by their superiors for indoctrinating us, talked to us about it. Told us that it was up to us, our generation to solve this problem. A problem, created by their generation. That voices of reason were lost, silenced by those in power. And that those in power? Were only concerned about profit, and the money to be made in industry hell bent on creating fear. So, it was up to us, the youth of today, only we could change our future for a better tomorrow.

I was a true believer. I had nightmares. I worried about it. A news program would come on telling me of the latest danger and I would stay up worrying over every minute detail of the newest information, or the latest scientific discover. My friends talked of it, they also had nightmares. We would watch TV. Go to movies. Hollywood was with us, they were our champions to the cause, to stop this madness that would destroy all life on earth.

This fear of the end. This knowledge of not ‘if’ but ‘when’ the end would come haunted me. I carried it with me, always in the back of my head. Knowledge that it was coming, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about. Even my protests, as weak as they were, fell on deaf ears. The older generation didn’t seem to care. Didn’t seem to take notice.

I watched my peers march in the streets, hold meeting with Congress, implore people not to ignore the threat. Yet they did, they ignored us. They ignored everyone. Telling us we didn’t understand the situation. That we can’t solve the problem the way we asked them to.


And in the end? They were right.


See, the end of the world for me was Nuclear War. I am a child of the Cold War, having grown up with the threat of Nuclear Annihilation, that had been told to me since I was little, shown to me on every news program, written in every magazine and newspaper. It was very real to me. It could happen. I almost did a couple of times. Nuclear Weapons, even now, are still a threat.

But the dynamics of it all, well that eluded me till I was older. Once the Soviet Union fell, and the United States became (for a brief time) the only major Nuclear Power in the world, I had to sit back and think of what my generation grew up with.

Greta Thunberg believes in the science, like I did. She believes in what her teachers told her, like I did. She believes in the media reports, like I did. She is a believer, and so was I.

For me, the end of the world never came. Instead the Soviet Flag was lowered, and a tri-colored flag was raised over Moscow. The Cold War was over, the looming threat of two Super Powers blowing up the world lessened.

What ended the threat was simple economics. The Soviet Union, a bastion of Socialism and Communist doctrine fell because they simply couldn’t afford it anymore. Capitalism, with all its pitfalls and faults, won the day. A generation would grow up never knowing the threat of a Nuclear Winter.

For me? It was wonderous, and anticlimactic. The solution to our problem was right in front of us. Yet we didn’t even see it. That a system that regulates what each loaf of bread costs, and how many you should get? That one that tells you where you should live, and if you really need that operation? Fell to the notion of a free market and belief in the individual, not the government.

We simply out did them with innovation and technological advancements. We could afford it, they couldn’t. They went broke trying to keep up.


You may think my comparison of Nuclear Annihilation to Climate Change naïve, but it isn’t. Both instill fear. Both are man made issues. Both had call to actions from the youth. Both worried millions and kept many awake at night. And I feel, personally, both will be solved the same way.

We are not going to stop Climate Change by resetting humanity by 300 years. Never, in human history, has going back to how things were done before made things better. New technology doesn’t crop up because you want it to. It crops up because you need it, or it improves lives. Taking tried and true methods and trashing them without a viable replacement? Not going to happen.

We had horses, they did everything for humanity for thousands of years. Yet horses were replaced in less than 50 years time by the automobile. Why? No one every asks why? Because the car was more practical than the horse. It could go farther without rest, and cost less to maintain. Simplicity is always the easiest route.


I do empathize with Greta Thunberg. I believe her concerns are real. Yet her solutions, and those offered by others with the same fear, are not real. Just fantasies like the ones told to me. That in the end, the solution will be the simplest one, the one we do not expect.



[Opinions expressed in this blog are from the fertile imagination of the author. Who, but by sheer luck, survived the Cold War without having to scavenge for food in the nuclear wastelands of Australia while being chased by mohawk haircuts wearing, leather chap pants donning, psychos. Although the author does feel he was cheated out of not being held captive by Tina Turner.]






That Pesky 2nd Amendment.

Posted on August 15, 2019

Have you noticed that much of the talk on gun violence in America centers around the 2nd Amendment? That if we just tweak it a bit, or maybe scrap it altogether the violence would just go away?

I mean, for Pete’s Sake we already have the means of a well regulated Militia. We call them the National Guard. Having 25 assault rifles and 10,000 rounds of ammo in your basement isn’t necessary, is it?  Zombies are not real folks, you don’t need all those guns.


What exactly were the Founders thinking when they proposed such an Amendment? 


Exactly the question that needs to be answered.


Historical context is the one thing Americans really suck at. Rarely do we look back at History and put it in the context of the times. We seem to have this nasty habit of transference, and place decisions made in the past, in present tense.

It is highly doubtful that anyone from the late 18th Century, or early 19th Century could have conceived of the weapons we have today. A few might have had an inkling of weapons to come, but tricked out semi-automatic rifles with laser sighted scopes and flash suppressors? Was probably not on their minds.

What was on their minds is what they had just gone through. A war with a larger enemy, a war of rebellion against a government they saw as unfair and unjust. Confiscation of property, imprisonment and execution without trial, quartering soldiers in houses, suppression of speech and peaceable gatherings, and outright theft of food and supplies without compensation. And yes, of course…

The confiscation of weapons, and of gunpowder.

These are the things that were on the minds of our Founders when they drafted the 2nd Amendment. They didn’t think of self-defense, nor of hostile natives, or even of a National Guard. Those thoughts didn’t come into play at the time. They were well aware of those issues. They were, of course, Colonist on the British Empires frontier.

Now, the British were fighting a rebellion on their frontier. They did what all Empires do, suppress the insurrectionist. By any means they could. Take away their weapons? Less chance of getting shot, or losing the war. Common sense actually.

A population without arms is easier to control, to bully, and to subdue. It was not lost on the Rebels that this, at the time, was their government.  That the people they were fighting against, the British Crown, had not too long ago been their protectors and deserved their loyalty. And that, now? Their own government had turned on them. Trust in a central government, had been lost in the Revolutionary War. Fear, that it could happen again, had been rooted in the consciousness of the Founders. They wanted to make sure, that the injustices heaped upon them, was never repeated in the new Nation they were forging.

This was the birth of the 2nd Amendment. As with all the Amendments in the Bill of Rights, reactions to their former allegiances to the Crown that betrayed their trust. Each and every point, to counter what the Crown was taking away from them. Including, the right to bear arms.

This Amendment wasn’t an afterthought, nor was it put in to mean a National Guard or an Army. Congress could raise an Army if they wanted to. Article I, Section VIII, 12 gives Congress the power to raise an Army.

Even if the word ‘Militia’ is construed to mean a National Guard, there is this little comma in the 2nd Amendment, one that states the true purpose for the Amendment, “…(,)the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” 

Because the Crown took that away, to prevent the people from ever challenging their authority. To subjugate the populace with their Arms, and deprive the people of a means of defense.

We do have serious issues with gun violence in this Nation. Things we need to address Nationally. In truth, you are more likely to take your own life with a gun, than be a victim of gun violence. That point alone, needs to be addressed.

Sane people do not solve their issues by killing random people. Mental illness is always the root cause behind these horrific acts. Yet we get lost in the definition of Legally Sane, and Mentally Incompetent. Stigmatizing those who have Mental Health issues, is unfair and unjust. Blaming outside influences, from Websites, to Political leaders, and even Video games is just ignoring the larger picture. Those few, who do these horrific acts, need to be addressed, stopped, and caught prior to their point of mental deterioration that gives them opportunity to commit these acts. We need to be proactive, and not reactive with those who are mentally fragile.

Yet, in this way forward, we don’t need to allow the government to take away our rights. To con us into believing that an object is at fault. For once we give up one right, it will be simple to ask us to give up another. And like the Crown of Great Britain all those years ago, the reason will be the same.

That the Government knows what is best for you, and will decide what is best for you, and you will comply…or else.



[The opinion expressed in this blog are the authors alone. While gun violence is no laughing matter, over the history of mankind, tragedies have been used to erode rights. Many governments have outlawed things for the ‘betterment of Society.’ Even the public chewing of bubble gum has been outlawed. It is Guaranteeing of Freedoms, and not the Regulation of Freedoms that define a society. And as always, We the People are the government, and get to decide.]